Good question. If your relatively new to the world of electronic cigarettes the G6 is a great solution. First of all, it looks cool as there’s a number of awesome colors to choose from. For another, it has good battery life, the availability of course to choose from a number of flavors and a sleek compact size. If however, you’ve been smoking the G6 for a bit and wish to increase the efficiency of your smoking, the Triton is the next step. Although it is slightly more bulky, it gives you the ability to easily add liquid and has a truly incredible battery life. In a nutshell, start with the G6 and upgrade to the Triton when your ready for more.

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Compact & Sleek or Drag & Flavor

It really comes down to a question of whether or not you want something compact like the G6 that you can take with you anywhere and easily reload and smoke or if you want the full on vaping experience of the Triton that is slightly more bulky and takes more effort to reload than the G6. Perhaps the best idea would be to purchase both. For those of you who are on a budget, it’s a safe bet to buy the G6 first, then within a couple weeks by the Triton. Both will come in handy many times in their own unique ways down the road.

Happy Vaping!

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