We literally can’t stress the importance of investing in an electronic cigarette solutions that is of quality and that will actually last much longer than the competition. There is absolutely no worse feeling than finally switching to vapor only to get into an ecig that has a horrible battery life and flat out doesn’t last long. When you do purchase a ‘bad’ ecig kit, you’ll find yourself spending way too much money in no time flat simply because the unit itself is not efficient. If you continue to use an inefficient ecig system you’ll find yourself continuing to put it off longer and longer until it snowballs into hundreds of wasted hard earned dollars? Why? Why waste so much money day after day just because the device you are using is a piece of junk. Don’t be one of those people who tries to switch from real cigarettes to electronic cigarettes only to switch back because you had a bad experience with a bad ecig device.

Halo Cigs Are Catching On

I was recently inside of a popular gas station, hacking off my right arm to pay for a tank of gas & taking a drag from my G6 when the clerk surprisingly said, ‘is that a halo’. I proudly said, yup. He immediately went into an incredibly long story about his history with cigarettes and pulled out his newly purchased Blu Cig. To make a long boring story shorter, he basically stated how he finally made the decision to quite and figured he’d give Blu a try because frankly they sell them at his gas station. He continued that he loved the vapor smoking experience itself and it did satisfy his nicotine cravings, but he was also mentioning how ridiculously expensive smoking Blu was. He actually brought Halo first and had heard through the grapevine that Halo’s last longer. He had no idea that he was beginning a conversation about Halo with one of Halo’s top affiliates and I of course went on to explain to him the ins and outs of Halo. He’ll of course be purchasing both a G6 and a Triton this week to stop throwing his money down the drain on Blu refills.

Great Products Sell Themselves

Blu may be a much larger company financially than Halo, but quality products will always rise to the top on their own. I was quite surprised that the gas station clerk even knew what Halo was, but it just goes to show that word of mouth marketing is alive and well. As time goes on, Halo Cigs will continue to grow and will continue to be a much better and longer lasting ecig than its competition.


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