One of the fastest growing premium electronic cigarette retailers in the United States, Halo Cigs is moving it’s headquarters to sunny Gainesville Florida. The New Jersey electronic cigarette device and e liquid powerhouse is certainly not very public about their corporate decisions and growth outlook. However, based on Halo Cigs tremendous online following, quality of their products, are offering jobs in the Gainesville area and the fact that have purchased a 93,000 square foot facility in the Northwest Industrial Complex just off State road 121, it’s a safe bet that Halo Cigs shows huge promise in future growth and outreach.

Halo Cigs products have been reportedly in roughly 500 tobacco and cigar shops in the local New Jersey area (their former company headquarters). While the true numbers are not public, it’s almost certain that at least 90% of Halo Cigs sales are done via e-commerce and their Halo Cigs website itself. Being that the company is branded towards consumers in their 20’s and early 30’s, it obviously hasn’t been a problem to primarily focus on online sales as this age group is more than happy and comfortable making online purchases. The thing is, Halo Cigs offers great products and has naturally enticed their customers to independently spread the word about how amazing the products are. This in turn is causing older generations (often time life long smokers) to ‘look into’ the company and it’s e cig devices. These ‘older’ generations however are not exactly keen on e-commerce and are perhaps ignorantly searching for local shops to buy e cigs. Avid Halo Cigs users such as ourselves are keeping a close eye on the company and it’s growth. One has to assume that purchasing such a large facility in Florida is a great sign of growth and perhaps future brick and mortar retail sales. In my personal opinion, it comes down to one key well known retailer such as 7/11 or Rally’s gas stations to begin carrying their products for the ultimate breakout. However, Halo Cigs seems to be in great hands and it doesn’t appear over the past 2 years that their in any hurry to expand too quickly. As any good company grows, Halo Cigs won’t be ‘growing too big for their britches’ any time soon. I must say though, the idea of Halo Cigs being available at my local gas station is sort of dreamy. I mean, the ability to stock up on Tribeca on a whim rather than having to wait 3 days for shipping is kind of an awesome thought!

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