Welcome to the Halo Cigs Club! Making the transition from traditional smoking to electronic smoking is not easy, but those who have decided to put their foot down and take ownership of their lungs, we salute you. We are not doctors and certainly don’t claim that electronic smoking is ‘healthy’, but I mean come on, compared to smoking thousands of chemicals, it has to be a better alternative. When you make the decision to not smoke traditional cigarettes again, expect a week or two of coughing up random paper and other random particles. You’ll probably get a little sick as your body adjust to the change. But hey, 1-2 weeks of a cold like symptoms is certainly worth ridding your body of dependence on basically ‘nastiness’.

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Controlled Nicotine Intake

Electronic cigarettes in our opinion will help you to stop smoking traditional cigarettes mainly because they still allow you to consume the nicotine that your body has become so accustom to needing. So keep in mind, that when you make the transition and blame whatever ecig alternative on your sick like symptoms, it’s actually your body weaning itself off the nasty chemicals that it has grown to love one analog cigarette at a time. In all, find a electronic cigarette that you like and smoke the hell out of it, never to pick up or light up another chemical rich traditional analog ‘square’ again!


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