Halo Cigs always has some kind of discount or special promotion going on, especially during or around National Holidays. Currently Halo Cigs is offering a free bottle of e liquid with any purchase of $20 or more. It’s highly likely that Halo will change the current special offer sometime in August as they like to shake things up on a monthly basis. The likelihood that Halo will simply change the flavor of e liquid that they are offering for free is pretty high, although we’re always crossing our fingers for higher starter kit coupon percentages.

Offering free halo e liquid bottle with purchases of $20 or more is actually a really good idea. First, you have to imagine that halo e liquid runs the highest profit margins. Secondly, for those consumers purchasing halo triton starter kits not knowing that they also need to purchase e liquid, this ensures that they can immediately use there triton system when it arrives. That is of course to punching themselves in the face when they wait a few days to finally receive their new triton system only to find out that they made the mistake of not purchasing e liquid with it off the bat. If halo does stop offering free e liquid with any order over $20, I really hope they just start automatically including e liquid with the triton starter kit just like they do with the g6 starter kit. I know the margins on e liquid are insane, it’s only logical to please the customer rather than frustrate them by making them wait longer to get their e liquid. At the very least, halo should make it very well known on the website that the triton starter kit does not come with e liquid itself. Lastly, while I like experimenting with random flavors, it seems to me that the tribeca e liquid flavor is the best hands down. It only makes sense to introduce the halo product with this flavor. I guess I’ll stop lobbying my two cents about halo marketing for now, but stay tuned, I have a feeling I’ll be writing throughout the rest of the year. Happy Vaping!


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