Halo Cigs offers a quality product. Especially compared to the many other electronic cigarette companies available. What truly determines a quality product in the ecigs market? One word; consistency. As smokers, we rely on our drags to get us through the day, wrong or right, this is the boat we are in. Any smoker who has tried to make the digital transition & didn’t like it most likely couldn’t deal with the inconsistencies that can come with electronic cigarettes. For example, Blu Cigs are perhaps the most popular ecigs available, you can buy them nearly anywhere. In fact, before I found Halo Cigs, I myself smoke Blu Cigs. They are a fine product, but I can not tell you the fury that I felt every few weeks when I would buy a ‘bad batch’ of cartridges. For whatever reason, every few weeks, I would come across a box of 5 cartridges that smoked horribly. It was almost like, they were empty upon opening which is a total joke given the fact that they are like $15 per 5 pack. I don’t know if its a stock date problem, as in the product goes bad after a certain shelf life or if it was a temperature problem. I did notice for example that one of my bad batches sticker’s were extra hard to remove, almost like they were baked on. This is most likely due to the crazy Florida heat, but seriously, it’s the last thing any smoker ever wants to deal with. When I shell out $15 dollars for cartridges, I want them to smoke like bloody clouds, not be 3/4 gone or worse yet, not smoke at all, which has indeed happened with Blu.

Halo Cigs Proof in The Pudding

Which brings me to my main point of this article, Halo Cigs offers a quality product. I’ve been smoking Halo Cigs for roughly a year now & have not once ran into a problem with the ‘cartridges’. When you buy products from Halo Cigs, rest assured that your money will be well spent & you won’t be pulling your hair out like you would be having to deal with Blu Cigs inconsistent products, namely the cartridges. God speed.


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