For those of you who don’t already know, Halo Cigs does in fact offer a rewards program. The purpose of this article is to review it and offer a loyal Halo customer’s perspective on the program. First off, I’d like to point out that many e cig companies don’t offer any sort of rewards at all, so it’s important to point out that while we are going to be ‘sturdy’ in our review, we certainly love the existing program and are happy to be a part of it. With that being said, below we’re going to layout the current setup of the program and how we think it could be better.

Current Halo Rewards Program Setup
Currently, any Halo Cigs purchaser is automatically added into the Halo Cigs Points program database. Every purchase that the account makes will then have the opportunity to receive ‘points’. In order to receive points however, you need to purchase at least $19.99 worth of e-liquid or G6/Triton hardware. For every $19.99 spent on e liquid, you will receive 100 Halo points and for every $19.99 spent on G6 or Triton hardware, you will receive 75 Halo points. When you login to your Halo Cigs account you can view your total accumulated points in the top right hand corner. You can of course view your entire purchase history as well as individual points earned in past purchases on your account page. You will need at least 1000 Halo points in order to make a purchase from the Halo Rewards Catalog. In the Halo Cigs Rewards catalog, you will find that your options are to solely choose from 30mL Halo E Liquids. Halo indeed allows you to choose from their full selection of flavors.

It should also be mentioned that there are more ways than one to receive Halo Points. Sharing Halo Cigs on social networks will earn you 15 points, referring a friend will get you 250 points and writing product reviews will get you 25 points. Once you have received at least 1000 points, head on over to the Halo Rewards Catalog and choose your favorite flavor of e liquid.

Halo Cigs Loyal Customers Plead For Better Points Program

Again, any program is certainly better than none, however for the sake of being constructive, we’d like to consider the possibility of a better all-around points program. This idea of a better program is not just to make it easier for Halo’s loyal customers to be rewarded, but has the potential to increase overall sales and the companies bottom line.

It seems to me that electronic cigarette brands profit immensely from returning users or customers who are loyal to the brand. Similar to tobacco cigarettes, e cigs too are setup perfectly for residual sales to the same customer. Being that this is the case, it would seem important to value each Halo customer as a yearly earner rather than just a one time deal (on average). Thus, my proposal would be to not only expand the Halo Cigs Reward Catalog to feature G6/Triton Hardware and G6 Cartomizers, but to also make using the rewards catalog a more prominent feature. Obviously there are two ways in which Halo could have more loyal customers using the program. One would be to offer more points for items purchased and the other would be to decrease the amount of points needed to purchase items from the rewards catalog.

From Halo Cigs perspective, it’s easy to ‘brush-off’ and say that they are indeed in business to make money and that their current rewards program works fine. However, in my opinion it would make sense for Halo to consider making their rewards program more liberal to essentially increase their business. Being that most of Halo’s business is done online, their customers are completely familiar with e-commerce, finding coupons codes and using social media. It makes sense to me at least to take advantage of this resource and have their loyal customers constantly creating noise around the web, promoting Halo Cigs and getting them excited about receiving real value for their loyalty to the brand. The fact of the matter is, consumers love deals, discounts and promotions online. Making their loyal customer base happy by providing greater value in their rewards program would increase overall sales.

This sort of idea is basically marketing 101. The idea of creating ‘great’ incentives for consumers to purchase a product or service has been around for eons. If however Halo solely looks at the numbers and doesn’t understand buyer psychology they will miss out on an easy venue of increased growth possibilities. This is because consumers don’t have the same outlook or long term approach to buying. Consumers (especially nowadays) focus on instant gratification. They desire the most bang for their buck, in this case superior performing electronic cigarette devices and e liquid as well as a brand they can count on to supply them. Furthermore, humans are ‘creatures of habit’ and once they find a solid company to continuously purchase a particular product from they will stick to it and remain loyal. Putting it another way, rather than making a one time sale (or even a few), especially in the e cig market, hooking consumers with fantastic reasons to stick to the brand will create incredibly loyal customers. If you don’t offer obvious ways to define yourself as an e cig company that is all about brand loyalty, you will constantly have consumers jumping ship to try a different brand. In a nutshell, the loyal customer or long term purchase potential of a consumer is worth fighting for in every way possible.

At the very least, Halo should consider changing their points program to include the total in cart dollar number. For example, I love the G6 and I have bought tons of G6 Pre-filled cartomizers over the past several months. However, because they are only $9.99 per 5 pack I don’t receive any points. Which is particularly bothersome because I always purchase two 5-packs at every purchase. Essentially I’ve purchased right around $700 worth of Halo Cigs devices and e liquid dating back to early May 2014. At $700 worth of purchases, my points are at a whopping total of 500. I’m no math wiz, but it looks like it’s going to take roughly $1500 worth of purchases from Halo to to receive one 30mL bottle of e liquid. I certainly don’t think I deserve ‘handouts’, but this ratio is just wrong.

In summary, while we love Halo Cigs for an abundance of reasons, we feel that the rewards program needs some much needed fine tuning to say the least. At least in my case, spending $1500 to receive one $20 bottle of e liquid is missing the mark by an epic margin. There is literally so much difference in this ratio that it would truly be a travesty for Halo to not recognize this and take advantage of the potential to keep consumers happy and loyal to the brand. After all, one of the Halo’s slogans is ‘Pledge Your Allegiance’. Why not make an entire marketing campaign around pledging one’s allegiance to an brand that offers phenomenal incentives to keep your business. As always, if you’ll be purchasing either the G6 or Triton anytime soon, but sure to use our Halo Cigs Coupon.