Remember your friends or friend’s parents who used to save cigarette boxes and or upc codes religiously? I think the idea was that if they piled up enough boxes in the ‘breeze-way’ that they’d one day be offered a trip to Hawaii or Bermuda. Thank god we don’t have to do that anymore.

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A Modern E Cig Reward System for a Modern E Cig Industry

halo cigs rewardsHalo is finally an electronic cigarette company that has taken notice of a loyal customer base and is rightfully offering a modern reward system. Basically, the more you either use or promote the Halo Cigs brand, the more freebies and cool rewards you’ll get from Halo. If your after the most efficient ways to use electronic cigarettes, particular Halo, we of course recommend using our Halo Cigs Coupon first and foremost. Secondly, take advantage of the existing Halo Cigs Rewards Program as outlined below. Halo Cigs not only offers better e cig quality than Blu for example, but real rewards for your loyalty.

It’s simple, there are 4 ways to earn Halo Rewards Points:

Buy Halo Cigs Products

-Earn 100 Halo Points for every $20 spent on E-liquid.
-Earn 75 Halo Points for every $20 spent on Hardware.
*Some limitations do apply.

Share Halo Cigs on Social Media

-Login to the Halo Cigs Website & share via the social icons on the top of the site.
-Earn 15 Halo reward points.
*Some limitations do apply.

Refer Friends to Halo Cigs

-Earn 250 Halo Points.
-Just click on the “Refer a Friend” link on the top of the site.

Write Halo Cigs Product Reviews

-Earn 25 Halo Points for simply writing a review on the site.
*Some limitations do apply.

Learn More About Halo Rewards

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