Halo Cigs does not normally offer more than 5% off their ridiculously popular premium e cig devices. However, for a limited time only, Halo Cigs is offering 25% off all G6 and Triton Starter Kits! Not only that, but during this special Holiday Sale, you will automatically receive a free 10mL bottle of Kringles Curse on any order of $20 or more. For those of you unfamiliar with typical Halo Cigs Coupons and Sales, this is as good as it gets and is the absolute largest discount you will ever be offered on the G6 and Triton E Cig Systems. In order to take advantage of this Holiday Sale, head on over to our Halo Cigs Coupon page or simply utilize the codes found at the bottom of this page.

Halo is great in part because of their simplicity. However, just because you have one Triton or one G6 system, doesn’t mean that you should settle. For example, if you love Halo in general but only have one of the devices (either the Triton or the G6), now would be one of those perfect situations to expand your e cig horizons and purchase the system you don’t have at an incredibly discounted rate. Another reason to pull the trigger on a new Halo Cigs System during this Holiday Sale is to have a variety of battery colors and battery sizes on hand. For example, if you have only one G6 Starter Kit with say 65mm batteries, consider buying another system in a different color with the king size 78mm battery types. You’ll find yourself using each color and battery size for specific occasions and most importantly, you’ll literally never be without a fully charged battery. Along the same lines, the Halo Triton is available in a number of battery sizes. If you love the Triton but only have the original 450mAh battery size, consider purchasing another with say their 900mAh or even 1300mAh battery types. Again, you’ll never find yourself needing a fresh battery and you’ll most certainly love the variety of colors that you have to choose from.

As always, we fully recommend experimenting with whichever Halo Cigs System you don’t already own. I personally used the G6 for months before finally upgrading to the Triton. The end result is being a more satisfied user as I can utilize the compact G6 while on the go and the Triton while in the comfort of my home. This is of course due to the fact that the Triton is a full sized tank system. Meaning, the Triton is more efficient and actually saves on e liquid costs long term all while providing fuller more appetizing vapes at home. Some people don’t mind carrying their full sized tank systems around with them while their on the go. Call me a vape snob, but I strongly prefer the G6 while out and about and the efficiency of the Triton while at home. I cannot stress this enough, if your on the fence about buying Halo Cigs or upgrading your system, now is the time to do so. Use our codes below and lock in your huge savings today!

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