Howdy existing Halo Cigs users and soon to be Halo fanatics! This weeks special offer and coupon code that will soon be going away is saving 20% off all Halo E Liquid orders. For those of you not familiar with Halo Cigs Coupons, they typically offer some sort of discount during national holidays or frankly when there trying to situate their product stock. This Halo Cigs Coupon is in celebration of Veterans Day and perhaps more accurately, Veterans week. Get your Halo Cigs Veterans Day Coupon on our main Halo Cigs Coupon page.

Whether you a G6 Mini E Cig user or a veteran user with the full size Triton tank system, you can benefit from the current Halo Promotion! Not only does the 20% discount apply towards purchasing e liquid bottles but it also goes towards slashing the price on cartomizers (also known as cartridges or refills). While most newcomers to Halo Cigs are pressing for bigger discounts off G6 and Triton Starter Kits, those existing Halo Cigs users know that large discounts off from e liquid is perhaps more important and offers more savings in the long run. The fact is that the G6 and Triton Starter Kit Units are both incredibly efficient and worthy electronic cigarette devices. Literally the only thing a person needs after purchasing both units (one to use while on the go and one to use at home) is MORE E Liquid and Cartomizers!

Saving On E Liquid By Refilling The Halo G6

halo cigs veterans day sale coupon codeMy personal favorite Halo E Liquid is Tribeca (as many of you know from past articles). I just can’t get enough of the overall taste and throat hit. When I was new to electronic cigarettes, I unfortunately ran out of cartomizers and e liquid far too often because I didn’t have a proper system in place. However, understanding the importance of being completely stocked up on E Liquid has allowed be to completely fill my nicotine urges. I have written about refilling G6 cartomizers in multiple articles but the importance of this lesser known fact cannot be over preached. Especially for newbies, if you use the G6, remember that you can easily remove the white cap and fill it with your favorite Halo e liquid flavor. A few more words of advice concerning refilling your Halo Cigs Cartomizers is to keep your black covers in which your cartomizers are originally shipped. This allows you to refill your cartridges all at once, place the black covers back on each end and store them until they are ready to be used. Also, it’s equally important to not overfill your cartomizers. If you put too much e liquid into your cartridges when refilling them, you’ll have nothing but a sloppy mess and they won’t smoke well because the liquid will seep into the end of your G6 battery. If this happens, don’t worry, you can clean your battery with a small needle or similarly small object. However, to avoid that situation all together just be careful when refilling your cartomizers. When you dropping in new e liquid, just look at the white filling inside the cartridge. It is meant to be completely saturated but not drowned. As always, be sure to checkout our Halo Cigs Coupon page for all the latest discounts, offers and coupons available for Halo Cigs.