Which is better, Halo or Blu?

Easy. Halo Cigs is far better than Blu Cigs on every level.

Why? Good question…

Simple answer: Blu Cigs are notoriously faulty and Halo Cigs notoriously feature two of the best e cig systems on the market via the G6 Compact System & the Triton Tank System.

Detailed answer: Blu Cigs were (at the very least) a great thought of the past, as they feature a very compact and sleek design. They also happen to be available at nearly every single corner store in America which makes them highly accessible.

Blu Cigs could even be considered the ‘flagship’ e cig brand that took electronic cigarettes as a whole to the next level of general public acceptance.

There’s just one tiny problem…

Blu Cigs never work correctly. Out of the dozens of e cigs that we’ve extensively tested over the past few years, Blu Cigs is by far the worst. From Blu batteries not taking a charge, not holding a charge or just flat out not working, to Blu cartridges (brand new 5 packs) working less than 50% of the time, Blu Cigs are down right garbage.

Ever buy or receive (as a gift) a really cheap Chinese product (of any kind) that has the Chinese lettering cheaply stamped on it, perhaps on the top right corner of the light (cheap) plastic? The sense of quality regarding this sort of product is very similar to the sense of quality that you can expect to have after only roughly 1 week of using a Blu Starter Kit.

On the other hand…

The G6 by Halo Cigs features the same compact and sleekly designed e cig at a similar price of $44.99.

With one importance difference…

The G6 actually works as an e cig should. It gives you a few hours of optimal performance before you’ll ultimately need to charge it. However, (unlike Blu Cig Starter Kits) the secondary battery that comes with the G6 will be ready to go in between charges. I can’t tell you how many times I was let down by Blu batteries. Thinking that I had a full charge on my secondary battery, only to find out that I had zero charge and in-fact it was incapable of charging or working correctly.

Furthermore, the cartridges offered by Halo Cigs work 100% of the time. (We strongly recommend the Tribeca Flavor.) Again, I can’t count the number of times that I purchased a brand new 5 pack of Blu Cigs cartridges only to have them not deliver any vapor or ‘hit’ whatsoever (regardless the state of the sub-par batteries).

It appears there are only two aspects of Blu Cigs that we can be happy with.

  1. The Blu Cigs ‘Black Tobacco’ flavored e liquid is really good. (They need to make that e liquid available for purchase. Just the e liquid though, we’ll need to use it in the Halo Triton or other vaporizing system that actually works.) Fantastic flavor though…
  2. Blu Cigs advertising as a whole is pretty awesome and frankly unrivaled. If anything, it helps the e cig industry to continue gaining public acceptance.

As both of these companies square off for market share, it’s clear that Blu will no doubt be left in the dust. Most consumers love the general idea of e cigs, but will not stand for sub-par products.

Personal Halo VS Blu testimonial: When analyzing, comparing & contrasting these two companies, again Halo Cigs far exceeds the quality to that of Blu on nearly every level. While both are growing companies offering sought after products to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes, it’s clear that Halo Cigs is a far better performing and reliable product.

I for one have used both Halo Cigs and Blu Cigs extensively. In fact, I started with Blu Cigs until I realized what a gigantic amount of money and performance I was losing.

For me, there came a time when I just mentally couldn’t shell out another $15 for a pack of Blu cartomizers that I would easily smoke/vape through in 2 days or less. What’s more, I couldn’t handle the reality that Blu cartomizers only work about 50% of the time.

Essentially, I was more than happy to finally kick my habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes with e cigs, but I was spending over $50 per week just on Blu refills that rarely worked as they should. It was insanity and I had to find a better solution.

Halo Cigs (the blue color) VS Blu Cigs (the grey color) Comparisons:

halo vs blu cost comparison

After about a week of researching the pros and cons of the best electronic cigarette brands available, I decided on Halo Cigs. I went with the Halo G6 initially because it seemed to be sleek and stylish enough, (similar to Blu physically). I found the G6 battery life to last about 77% longer than Blu and of course the cartomizers (also known as cartridges or refills) on average lasted roughly 50% – 75% longer than that of Blu’s.

Needless to say, I was incredibly pleased to be spending my time and money on other things besides the constant headache that is Blu Cigs that never work as they should.

After diving deeper into the electronic cigarette world, I began to explore even more options…

I decided to give the Halo Triton a try after hearing great things about it’s efficiency and overall performance. While it is slightly more bulky than the sleek G6, it’s absolutely phenomenal when I’m in the comfort of my own home and just want a solid vape.

The Triton so far, in my experience, blows away most other e cig systems available today and is rated our #1 best overall e cig tank system. Not only is it a beast (holding 2.4 mL of e liquid and lasting roughly 6 – 8 hours) in terms of performance, it happens to be far more efficient in terms of the monthly usage cost. By upgrading to the full sized Triton tank system, I spent less than $50 total per month on e liquid. Which is certainly saying something compared to spending around $250 per month on cartridges or cartomizers.

Although it should be noted, I do certainly love the compact size and performance of my G6. Basically I’ve fallen into the routine of using the G6 when I go out and utilize the power and efficiency of the Triton when I’m at home and it’s not only saved me money as compared to Blu, but has vastly outperformed as well.

Halo Cigs Retail Outlook

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that currently Blu Cigs offers merchandise in an enormous amount of retail locations. From your local gas station to Walgreens & CVS, Blu is nearly everywhere. Halo Cigs however, is on the verge of growing into major retail locations, their just not quite to the point ‘yet’ of reaching Blu’s retail ‘brick & mortar’ presence. Surprisingly this isn’t as big of a deterrent for growth as one may think. As e-commerce continues to gain traction, Halo is still making a huge impact on the ecig market via it’s 20-30 year old target market that is perfectly fine with purchasing it’s products via the web.

Quality Over Quantity in E Cigs

However, growth and market share is certainly a double edged sword. For example, as Blu is pumping out millions of unit’s, you can bet that undoubtedly there will be quality control & customer service concerns. Not to mention the fact that Blu Cigs is now owned by ‘big tobacco’ (a multi-national corporate conglomerate). While Halo on the other hand, is in a prime space of expansion as they are not growing too fast to keep up or too slow to not be found. Halo customers can expect quality products & of course superior customer support as they are not yet too big for their britches.