halo cigs vs v2 cigsHalo Cigs and V2 Cigs are two of the top e cig brands in the industry. If your curious which brand you should choose, it should be known that you really can’t go wrong either way.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two companies is their product selection.

While V2 Cigs is constantly innovating and coming out with new e cigs, such as their V2 Pro Line, Halo Cigs has been content to literally only offer two different types of e cig systems in the G6 and Triton.

To be fair, in order to compare the two companies, you need to compare system by system. Being that Halo only carries two systems, it’s a fairly quick process.

The Halo Triton is a tank system that retails at $64.99. While larger batteries are available for sale individually, the Triton comes standard with your choice of 400 mAh and 650 mAh batteries. It also features a 2.4 mL e liquid tank and is well known for it’s overall dependability and performance. It is available in a huge array of colors.

Along the same lines, V2 Cigs offers a more sleek or compact tank/hybrid system in the new V2 Pro Series 3. The Pro Series 3 is very unique in it’s sleek design as most tank systems are rather large and not great for tossing into your pocket or using while on the go. The Series 3 is available for $59.99, it features a 1.6 mL e liquid tank and just one 650 mAh battery but is well known for great performance. It is available in 3 different colors.

If we had to choose between the two, we would probably opt for the V2 Pro Series 3, due to the fact that it is a very innovative and sleek device. It can be used while charging via the ‘pass through’ usb charger and happens to feature a really cool magnetic locking system between the e liquid tank and battery as opposed to the typical screw adaption.

On the other hand, both companies offer compact e cig designs in the Halo G6 and the V2 Cigs EX Series.

Both the G6 and EX Series are phenomenal compact e cig options and you won’t go wrong either way. Our typical recommendation is to go with the G6 if you are pinching pennies and if not, pony up and get the EX Series.

The Halo G6 comes standard with your choice of two batteries in 180 mAh and 280 mAh options. It is available in a huge array of colors and only cost $44.99. While the G6 can be adapted to fit a mini tank, it works best as a compact system with G6 Cartomizers.

In the same vein, though slightly more expensive, the EX Series by V2 Cigs retails for $79.99. It features 5 battery color options as well as two 280 mAh batteries. Unlike the G6 that comes standard with a 5 pack of cartomizers or cartridges, the V2 EX standard kit for example comes with 10. Overall, the EX Series is a newer and more innovative design than the G6, however, for most compact user’s needs, the price is right on the G6, so we’ll give it our thumb up.

Halo Cigs is perhaps the biggest rising star in the electronic cigarette industry. V2 Cigs on the other hand has been around for quite awhile and certainly holds a strong position near the top of the e cig heap. While both electronic cigarette companies are quality choices, as late 20 year old guys who have a keen understanding of trends, markets, branding and marketing, our vote sways towards Halo Cigs. Essentially, V2 Cigs is a great company and will remain among the top of e cig brands on the market as it makes big perspective moves and is positioning itself to be a force as traditional cigarettes are becoming a thing of the past. Halo Cigs on the other hand is pretty much still at the beginning stages of it’s growth and potential. Which is a great position to be in, being that the entire industry is still very young and Halo can basically learn what works and what doesn’t from other companies before them.

Literally the last aspect to compare between the two brands is e liquid.

While both companies again offer solid options, we definitely give the advantage to Halo Cigs. Halo has been very well known for their e liquid flavors, most particularly the Tribeca flavor. If you’re new to e cigs, we highly recommend either purchasing a full 30 mL bottle of e liquid to use with any tank system or of course Tribeca cartomizers that work with any 808-D batteries, obviously the G6 itself is recommended.

We often find the need to add more V2 Cigs ‘Congress’ flavored e liquid to our collection though, which is also a great all day type of taste.

For more information on either of these two brands, check out our fully detailed Halo Cigs Review or V2 Cigs Review. On top of that, know that we feature exclusive coupon codes for each of these leading brands. They can be found on our Halo Cigs Coupon page and V2 Cigs Coupon Code page.

Halo E Liquid

Throat Hit: 9/10 There’s nothing better than taking a deep clean vapor hit and actually feeling it. For those who don’t know, this is commonly called the ‘Throat Hit’. We give Halo E Liquid a 9 out of 10 in terms of throat hit for their wonderful variety of flavors and perfect balance of flavor to nicotine. Also, Halo manufactures their own E Liquid right here in the United States.

Halo Battery Life

Battery Life: 8/10 Halo’s batteries are top notch. From the G6 to the Triton, they are both to be highly regarded in their respective categories. The Halo G6 is a compact electronic cigarette, which is a category of e cigs that commonly struggles in the world of battery life. So it’s an incredible thing to actually come across a compact electronic cigarette that has descent battery life. We found the G6 to last about 2 – 4 hours after a full charge and the actual charge time from dead to full at right around 1 hour.

The Triton on the other hand, Halo’s bigger e cig system that comes standard as a tank system has of course incredible battery life. We found the Triton to last roughly 6 – 8 hours with standard use and a recharge time of again right around an hour from dead to full charge.

Halo Cigs Pricing

Cost: 10/10 Halo Cigs are very fairly priced. The G6 Starter Kit weighs in at $44.99 and comes with everything you need to hit the e cig ground running. The Triton Starter Kit on the other hand is slightly more expensive at $64.99 but is worth every penny. It should also be noted that you’ll need to purchase Halo E Liquid with your Triton Starter Kit as it does not currently come with the kit. While there are certainly cheaper electronic cigarettes available, our cost comparison takes quality into account as well.

V2 Cigs E Liquid

Throat Hit: 8/10 Again, V2 is a quality electronic cigarette brand and offers of course quality e liquid. V2’s e liquid on the other hand focuses more so on random flavors of fruit and sweets. While they do have standard tobacco and menthol flavors, we certainly prefer Halo’s American made E Liquid to V2.

V2 Cigs Battery Life

Battery Life: 7/10 V2’s battery life is not bad at all. Especially compared to the many other e cig companies who are simply importing garbage from China and slapping logos on them. When you buy V2 you can expect quality battery life. V2 Classic and EX batteries are similar to the G6 of Halo and range from 180 mAh to 280 mAh. Noted above, the Pro Series 3 features a high performing 650 mAh battery.

V2 Cigs Pricing

Cost: 8/10 V2 Cigs are fairly priced electronic cigarettes. The Standard V2 Kit weighs in at $59.99, the EX Series starts at $79.99 and the Pro Series 3 is a steal at only $59.99. Each system comes with everything you would need to get your e cig journey underway.