Is your Halo G6 not working as good as it once did? Have no fear, it’s an easy fix. Unlike other compact electronic cigarettes such as Blu, the Halo G6 can actually be cleaned which is exactly what you’ll need to do. Most electronic cigarettes including the G6 burn e liquid via a battery and cartridge or cartomizer. Over time this creates a build up of residue between the two devices. Fortunately for you, the G6 battery can be cleaned, which is 99% the reason why your ecig isn’t working right or lasting as long. The G6 Battery is notorious for being one of the longest lasting of all compact electronic cigarettes. The 65mm battery will last 4-6 hours when functioning correctly and the 78mm battery will last right around 6-8 hours when working right.

If your like me and use your G6 basically all day long, after a few weeks or a month, you’ll notice the battery duration and length of hits begin to fade. This is not because of any type of fault or electronic components not working. This is because all that burning of e liquid has caused a build up of residue where the battery connects to the cartridge. This residue begins to block the entire connection and thus greatly reduces your hits and battery life all together. Again, this is very normal and simply needs to be cleaned. Below are instructions for cleaning your Halo G6 Battery to bring your battery life and hits back to exactly how they were when it was brand new.

How To Clean Your Halo G6

Cleaning your Halo G6 is easy to do and is well worth the task. You’ll notice immediate results upon cleaning your G6. It will in fact begin working as it should and frankly as it did when you bought it. You’ll just need a bit of tissue paper and any tiny object that you can get a grip on one end of. Again, depending on how much you use your G6 will determine obviously how much residue will build up and ultimately how often you’ll need to clean it. Perhaps the best rule of thumb is to clean it whenever you begin to notice a drop in performance. Lastly, you should be charging your 78mm G6 overnight for optimal performance. The 65mm batteries on the other hand only require around 2-4 hours to charge.

  • Separate your battery from your cartridge.
  • View the end of the battery where it connects to the cartridge.
  • Notice buildup or residue practically everywhere. Most importantly inside the tiny crevice that surrounds the inside of the connection.
  • Use anything with a tiny tip such as a needle to quickly scrape inside this area.
  • We’ve had the best luck with using a needle and piece of tissue to help catch all the residue.
  • Clean around the threads and the tiny two holes.