The G6 Starter Kit produced by Halo Cigs is literally the best all around electronic cigarette system I have ever used. In an industry filled with newcomers both on the producing and consuming sides, one has to sort through a seemingly lot of jargon and or fluff in order to get to the important aspects of what makes an electronic cigarette exceptional. In our experience, we found that most new electronic cigarette companies simple slap a logo on an imported piece of junk from China. This is particularly present in the local e cig smoke shop that just popped up at your local strip mall. However, finding Halo Cigs on the other hand, introduced us to actual quality and performance in the e cig market.

The most impressive aspect of the G6 is the battery life. We all know that in the world of e cigs, battery size determines battery life. However, most of us don’t want to walk around with a giant hooka looking device to use in place of smoking typical cigarettes. We want something that is sleek and practical to take the place of a bad smoking habit. The similarity in terms of size, shape, throat hit and others need to mimic our age old habit for us to make the transition. So you want a compact electronic cigarette? Yes. Compact, but not mini actually. Blu offers a very compact electronic cigarette. In fact, the size of the Blu Cig Standard Starter Kit E Cig is very nice. However, Blu E Cigs are the absolute worst out of all the tens of twenties of e cigs that we’ve tried. They just flat out do not last both in terms of battery life and vapor production.

Enter Halo Cigs G6. The G6 is perfect size. It’s available in two different battery types/sizes and they are the 65mm and the 78mm. The 65mm is slightly shorter, about the same size as a standard tobacco cigarette. The 78mm is slightly longer, about the same size as a king tobacco cigarette. These batteries outlast any other compact system available on the market today. The 65mm battery lasts me roughly 4-5 hours per charge while the 78mm battery lasts about 6-8 hours per charge from typical use. This is of course compared to the mockery of the competition in Blu Cigs and the like where batteries only last about 30min to 1hour. If you want the best available electronic cigarette that is as close to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes as possible, use Halo Cigs. Literally, the only thing that you’ll be concerned with is keeping a supply of cartomizers on hand. When you make your G6 purchase, make sure to grab as much e liquid or as many cartomizers as you can, your going to want them asap and they do take a few days to deliver.


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