Congrats on your new Halo Triton purchase! Your in for one awesome and truly satisfying vaping experience! If your a complete newbie and looking for the ins and outs on everything relating to this fantastic and full size ecig system, check out our complete Halo Triton Instruction Guide below. Soon, your number one priority will become stocking up on your favorite Halo E Liquid (our favorite is Tribeca, but feel free to experiment). Also, once you figure out how to use your Triton, remember that the Halo G6 is an awesome system as well and is more compact, making it easier to travel with than the Triton. Lastly, as always, don’t forget to use our Halo Cigs Coupon to save on all your future Halo Cigs orders. Whether it’s e liquid, batteries or additional starter kits, we’ll save you the most amount of money possible.

Introducing three new design technologies that make the Triton Tank System an industry leader.

  • Ion-Core Super. Long-Lasting Batteries.
  • Leakshield. Robust Anti-leak Tank System.
  • Variance. Variable Voltage Batteries Available.


Halo recommends using Triton Tanks in conjunction with Triton Batteries for optimal performance, however Halo G6 cartomizers may also be used.

Triton batteries must be turned “on” before using for the very first time.
To turn on your battery, press the button 5 times in rapid succession. The battery will them remain “on” indefinitely, and you’ll just have to press the button normally to inhale. There is no harm in leaving your battery “on” all day, as the battery life will not be consumed unless the button is pressed. You may want to turn “off” your battery when placing in your pocket or purse to ensure the button is not accidentally pressed. To turn “off” your Triton battery, simply press the button 5 times again in rapid succession. You will need to turn it back “on” again before using.

Your Triton battery needs to be recharged when the LED button blinks multiple times in succession during inhale. You may also notice a slight decrease in vapor production as your battery approaches this drained state. Once the blinking occurs, or vapor production stops completely, you should recharge the Triton battery using one of the methods outlined in the next section.
Each Triton battery will typically function for 480 to 1350 puffs per charge, depending on the capacity of the battery purchased. Each battery can be charged and used up to 300 times. After more than 300 charges and usage cycles, the usage time lessens significantly.

Most Triton batteries will arrive pre-charged and ready for use. Once the battery is drained, you will need to charge it again before using. During normal charging, your Triton battery should remain plugged in for 1-2 hours depending on the capacity of the battery. The light on the USB Adapter will turn from red to blue when the Triton battery is fully charged and ready for use.

It is very important to use only the Triton USB adapter for charging Triton Batteries. Using the G6 USB adapter or USB adapters from other manufacturers may cause irreversible damage to your Triton battery due to voltage differences.

Charging Methods

Unscrew the tank from the battery. Connect the battery to the USB Adapter by lining up the threads, and screwing the components together. Plug the USB Adapter into a computer or other USB compatible device. Wait for the indicator light on the USB Adapter to turn from red to blue. Once the light turns blue, the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

Unscrew the tank from the battery. Connect the battery to the USB Adapter by lining up the threads, and screwing the components together. Plug the USB Adapter into the Wall Charger, and then plug the whole assembly into a wall outlet. Wait for the indicator light on the USB Adapter to turn from red to blue. Once the light turns blue, the battery is charged and ready for use.


The Triton Tank is designed with a replaceable center coil assembly. This coil assembly contains the heating element, and can be easily replaced. This replaceable coil design offers significant cost savings over replacing the entire tank.

If you experience a sustained burnt taste when vaping, or your tank is no longer producing vapor, it may be time for a replacement. At this time, you can replace just the coil assembly or the entire tank. Please read the troubleshooting section at the end of this manual, as these symptoms may not necessarily indicate that the coil assembly has reached its lifespan.

To prevent liquid damage to the battery, unscrew the entire tank from the battery and place on a flat surface. Next, unscrew the mouthpiece from the tank shell. Empty excess e-liquid back into the bottle until the level in the tank shell is below 1ml.
Unscrew and remove the old coil assembly from the tank shell. Attach a new coil assembly to the tank shell by lining up the threads and turning clockwise until snug. Do not over tighten. The tank can then be refilled, and is ready for use.


The Triton system will perform best when the tank contains 2ml of e-liquid or more continuously. This ensures the heating element will remain moist and extend the overall life of the coil. The Triton can certainly be used with lower e-liquid
volumes in the tank, however the system then depends on the wicks to absorb liquid into the coil.

Refilling Triton tanks is easy, and should be maintained to extend the life of the coil assembly. To refill, unscrew the tank from the battery. Next, stand the tank upright on a flat surface and unscrew the mouthpiece by turning counter clockwise. When the mouthpiece is unscrewed, the center coil assembly may loosen due to the tight leakage prevention seal. Ensure the center coil assembly is snug by turning clockwise gently. Be careful not to overtighten, as this could result in a slightly burnt taste. Once the coil assembly is secured, fill the outer ring of the tank shell with e-liquid above the 2.4ml mark. Be sure not to fill the center hole of the coil assembly with e-liquid, as this will cause leakage. Once filled, attach the mouthpiece again by lining up the threads and turning clockwise. The tank is now ready for use.


The Triton Tank System, e-liquid and other accessories should be kept out of reach of children and pets, and stored safely in a dry environment. Do not store in high-temperature areas, as this will cause irreversible damage to batteries and other accessories.

If the Triton System vaporizes continuously or shows any signs of overheating, stop usage immediately and unscrew all parts.

Do not use the charger in damp areas or near a high-temperature heat source. If the power supply emits any odor or heat, is
discolored, or experiences any unexpected issues while charging, unplug it immediately.

The use of any third-party accessories may lead to malfunction and damage of this product. The use of components other than
those supplied by Halo, or the use of liquid other than Halo E-liquid may damage Triton Tank System components beyond repair.

The Triton Tank System offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all hardware components. E-liquid and tanks are consumable
products, and will not be refunded. Halo will not accept any warranty claims that are caused by improper usage of the Triton Tank System. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of 3rd party hardware and improper handling.


You may experience a slight burning taste from time to time with certain e-liquids, but this does not necessarily mean the coil must be replaced.
If your tank is producing no vapor at all, tighten the center coil assembly by turning it clockwise. The coil should be snug, but not overtightened.
Triton Tanks work best when the liquid level is higher than the coil. For best performance, the e-liquid in the tank should be
kept above the 2ml mark. Loosening the center coil assembly very slightly may also help with slight burning.

If your Triton battery is not working as expected, please use the following troubleshooting tips.
Ensure that your Triton battery is turned “on” by clicking the button 5 times in rapid succession.
Wipe with a dry napkin if any liquid is present on the center post of the battery connector.
Use only the Triton USB adapter for charging, as other USB adapters may reduce the battery lifespan significantly due to voltage differences.


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