hedons bite reviewHedon’s Bite is part of a very exclusive range of vape juices known as the ‘Artist Collection’. The juice falls into this prestigious category as it has been developed by famous chef and innovative e-liquid developer George Kapetsonis. George works with Mr Good Vape normally, but decided to lend his recipe-building skills to the Artist Collection project. His contribution, Hedon’s Bite, is a remarkable little juice that you simply won’t be able to taste anywhere else. The very names of the ingredients listed in this product are enough to get someone salivating. The mixture contains honeydew melon, dark caramel, sweet pink apple and tart green apple. The two contrasting apple flavors come together in a fragile union of sweet and sour sensations, creating a whole new savor. Next, the thick caramel links the juice together with a sense of luxury and sweetness. Finally, the honeydew melon works to add a kick of cool refreshment at the end of each puff. We can safely say that you’ve never tasted anything quite like Hedon’s Bite. From the very first vape, you can tell that this recipe was dreamed up by an award-winning chef. Only someone who has spent their life mixing savors and innovating dishes would be able to develop such a fantastic product. George deserves a lot of credit for this little marvel. His passion and determination have allowed him to take the classic candy apple formula and bring it into the modern world.

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Hedon’s Bite Overall Taste:
The flavor of this e-liquid is almost indescribable. The apples have clearly been chosen with expert precision. The tanginess of the green apple and the gentle softness of the pink apple fuse beautifully. The lashings of caramel arrive next, cocooning the mixture in sweet sugar. Finally, the honeydew melon works to leave a great aftertaste and prevent the juice from being too thick or syrupy.

Hedon’s Bite Throat Hit:
With Hedon’s Bite, we’re looking at a juice that contains 40% PG and 60% VG. The PG works to provide a solid throat hit that will keep you coming back for more, each and every time. Meanwhile, the VG balances out that hit with a great intensity in the flavors.

Hedon’s Bite Vapor Production:
We’d say that Hedon’s Bite produces quite a nice cloud of vapor. It isn’t overbearing, but is just thick enough to bring back memories for former smokers and allow vapers to enjoy every aspect of the taste.

Hedon’s Bite Product & Shipping Costs:
A regular 30ml bottle of Hedon’s Bite is priced at $23. This is the sort of price we have come to expect of the more premium or artisanal brands in the vaping industry. Frankly, when you look at the quality of the ingredients and the status of the chef who developed this recipe, $23 seems like a steal. This bottle is worth every single cent of the asking price. In terms of shipping, the official site of the Artist Collection doesn’t actually sell the product directly. You can therefore shop around via various sites to find the best deal for you.

Hedon’s Bite Product Availability:
Hedon’s Bite is part of a very high class line of e-liquids. This isn’t any old bottle of vape juice. For that reason, you definitely won’t need to worry about this product going out of stock any time soon. If you ever need a bit of extra Hedon’s Bite, you’ll be sure to find it online.

Hedon’s Bite Review Summary

hedons bite review summary

Hedonism is all about pleasure, and there’s a lot of pleasure to be had in this little bottle. We can completely understand why this product is a part of the Artist Collection. George Kapetsonis has done an incredible job here. It’s not easy to fuse sweet, tart and sour flavors into a mixture that can appeal to a wide array of palates, but George has done just that. This product is a testament to his remarkable skills as a chef and will keep you coming back for more. No matter what your tastes or preferences happen to be, it’s worth experiencing a bottle of Hedon’s Bite just to see how unique this flavor really is.