henley vape e liquid review

Henley Vape E Liquid is quite a big name in the vaping industry, but you might not have known that this brand has actually released its own great-tasting line of e-liquids. In the past, Henley has developed a reputation for providing the very best quality vaping equipment. The company first came into the public eye for being the first brand to open a vaping lounge in New York City. Since then, the Henley name has only grown stronger and more recognizable all around the world. This company is one of the vaping industry’s good guys, with its mission being to save lives by helping former smokers make the switch to e-cigarettes. As the company is so well-known for its various endeavors and exploits, today we’d like to put the focus on its very impressive line of vape juices. Naturally, with this brand having such a strong connection to one of the most famous cities in the world, it’s no surprise that Henley decided to take inspiration from its surroundings while producing these bottles. Every flavor is named in homage to the great city of New York. Throughout the menu we can find products like ‘The Big Dapple’, ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Union Square’.

We really like the way in which Henley has decided to honor its roots and use the iconography of New York City in its line of juices. The city represents so much, not just to its citizens but to people all over the world, so almost anyone will be able to appreciate these bottles and enjoy adding a little touch of the Big Apple to their vaping lives. What’s more, the products themselves are very well-made and there’s quite a good array of flavors on offer. Henley can currently boast of 11 different savors, which is a very respectable amount and should allow this brand to appeal to quite a wide audience. The savors themselves aren’t exactly breaking any new ground, but the recipes have been delicately balanced to provide some delicious vaping sensations. It’s important for a company to get its menu right and Henley has managed to do that here. E-liquids are usually split up into the four popular categories of fruit, tobacco, menthol and dessert. Well, no matter which category you prefer, there’ll be a bottle to suit your palate in this collection.

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Henley Vape E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

The Henley name is synonymous with quality, so you know you’re getting some great products here. The bottles themselves are nicely made, featuring the company’s logo and the name of the product in bright colors. The designs of these labels are simplistic, but we like that. There’s a real sense of professionalism about these bottles, while the names of the products will have special meaning to anyone who has ever visited or dreamed of seeing New York City. It’s always good to see a company respecting its local area. Henley could have invented its own theme or gone in a completely different direction with its product branding. Instead, the Henley staff realized that they were working in one of the most miraculous cities on the planet and decided to take inspiration from the landmarks around them.

Another big pro of this company is the impressive range of flavors. Instead of focusing entirely on one area, like fruit-based flavors for example, Henley has thought about every single one of its customers. The mixers have then been tasked to create a range of recipes that will please everyone. This goes along nicely with the company’s philosophy and we definitely like this aspect of the Henley menu. Frankly, it’s hard to find any cons with this brand.

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Henley Vape E Liquid Pros

  • Top quality products
  • Fans of New York City will love these juices
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable prices ($12 per 15ml bottle)
  • A brand you can trust
  • Excellent website
Henley Vape E Liquid Cons

  • The only criticism we have for this line of juices is in regard to the bottles themselves. Currently, you can only enjoy these flavors in 15ml packages. We’d certainly appreciate the option to buy 30ml or even 60ml bottles. This could be something for Henley to work on in the future.

Henley Vape E Liquid Summary

henley vape e liquid review summary

People feel safe when they buy products from Henley. This company has always put a lot of emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Those principles have carried through into the creation of these excellent juices. These liquids have been made with care and will surely leave you hungry for more.

Henley is a name that really stands out in the vaping industry. Since its inception, this company has been built around some noble ideas. The team at Henley wants to help people make the switch to vaping and improve their lives. In order to do that, the company has gone ahead and set a fine example with this line of juices. The recipes themselves are simple, but effective, with a delicious range of flavors on offer. It’s also important to reiterate that this menu really does have something to offer everyone. Whether you like tobacco, mint, coffee, fruit or even donuts, you’ll discover that the Henley team has made something special for you.

One of the flavors we really like is known as ‘Brighton Peach’. As you might have guessed, this little bottle features juicy peaches, but then balances them out with the less tangy taste of pears. The whole concoction is then bathed in brown sugar for a nice little bit of sweetness that really brings out the deeper savors of the fruits. ‘Blue York’ is another bottle that is very popular with customers, offering the sensation of biting into an incredible blueberry crumble, fresh from the oven and dusted with cinnamon. It’s a really nice flavor and we could honestly say the same about every member of this company’s roster.