henley vape fbt uptown and downtown mod reviewHenley Mechanical MODS are top of the line, the most famous of those being their ‘FBT’ line. The FBT line features a Downtown and Uptown version, the Uptown version being slightly more expensive but made of newer and bigger parts/components. When it comes to mechanical mods, it’s all about have the most conductive and highest performing parts that can be in fact interchanged or enhanced in many different ways. All of Henley’s Mechanical MODS are of course high performing but some do in fact have larger batteries, atty’s, tanks etc. Henley provides some of the coolest looking mechanical mods on the market as well. Outside of the great FBT lines (which are great for first time MOD buyers), Henley offers the Jade Bamboo, Labyrinth, Munstro and Overdose for those who prefer the maximum amount of vapor production at the perfect density possible.