Blu Cigs have one thing right in their business model and that’s marketing. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing they have right… After extensive personal trial, I found Blu Cigs to fail in every important aspect of what makes a good electronic cigarette. From battery life, recharge cycles, cartomizer delivery and overall product quality, Blu Cigs fails miserably. While they know where to market their logo (the bikini of a righteous blonde) they have no idea how to implement quality control or have a clue when it comes to cartomizer shelf life.

We have found Halo Cigs on the other hand, to pass each of our criteria for a good e cig with flying colors. The thing is, as e cig users, we are generally not even picky, we just want something to fulfill our nicotine cravings on a consistent basis. It’s hard enough to quit smoking traditional cigarettes in the first place, when you try to quit via an e cig that doesn’t work, its nothing more than a waste of money and time, neither of which any of us have a lot of these days.

If you’d like our complete breakdown of Halo Cigs compared to Blu Cigs, check out our Blu Cig Not Working article, where we go in-depth on how bad Blu really is. If you’d frankly like to learn more about Halo Cigs right away, check out our Halo Cigs Review, Halo G6 Review and Halo Triton Review to learn more about every aspect of the company and their top products. If you’d like to save a little money on your new Halo Cigs purchase, be sure to use one of our Halo Cigs Coupon Codes when ordering.

Blu Starter Kits Are Junk

Blu Cigs MarketingWhen raising the question of how long Blu Cigs last, the answer really boils down to the battery and the cartomizer. Again, after extensive personal research and testing, I found the Blu Starter Kit batteries to work normally for roughly 1-2 months. At roughly the 2 month mark, they begin to ‘peter’ out. You’ll notice that the batteries will begin to not take a charge at all and even when they do get a little ‘juice’, they won’t last but only a few minutes. You will literally find yourself in the position of constantly switching and charging your two Blu Cig batteries throughout the entire day to try and get some sort of pleasure from ‘vaping’. It’s a sad story and I wish no potential ex smoker the ridiculousness of using this product. The bottom line is that Blu Cig batteries malfunction and do not last beyond 2-3 months.

Secondly, concerning cartomizers, Blu again fails miserably. Blu has not yet learned that their products have a shelf life that seems to be rather short. In my personal experience, I found myself going from retail store to retail store in search of cartomizers (also known as refills or cartridges) that actually worked. After all, they are $15 for a five pack, which is rather expensive for something that doesn’t work. It came to a point where I knew I couldn’t buy Blu refills from certain stores because I knew they would not work. I found 1 store in my highly populated area that seemed to consistently carry fresh products that worked. But, unfortunately, even it was hit or miss throughout the week. The end result was complete frustration on top of great wasting of time and money. Allow me to explain what I mean by Blu Cigs cartomizers don’t work because many newbies will just think they e cigs in general suck because the tried a Blu and hated it. Blu cartomizers are particularly time sensitive when it comes to shelf life. When you buy a faulty Blu Cig cartomizer pack, especially when your a newbie, it’s hard to know the difference between that of a fresh pack. However, to an experienced user, the difference is crystal clear. It boils down to the throat hit. While faulty Blu cartomizers will still turn your battery ‘blue’, they will not deliver nicotine. The end result is you puffing on water vapor and getting a huge headache from your lack of nicotine.

Take our advice, save yourself the tragedy that is Blu Cigs and go with a company that actually provides a working product, go with Halo Cigs. Your welcome…


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