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J Vapes is a brand specializing in e liquids and based out of Prescott, Arizona. This brand boasts of four retail locations, two in Arizona, one in Colorado and one in Oklahoma, and its products are sold in dozens more stores all around the US. The company got started back in 2011 and uses an AEMSA certified lab to mix up its e liquids, guaranteeing the best standards of safety and quality in every bottle. This company uses all-American ingredients and boasts of a wide selection of e liquid flavors, while also selling a great range of e cigs and mods, with a big focus on SMOK products. J Vapes aims to cater to every kind of customer, from beginners to experts, and has put together a nice array of starter kits to suit everyone.

As well as offering vaping devices and e liquids, J Vapes also provides a wide range of accessories including drip tips, coils, tanks and tools, all made by recognized manufacturers. This company only sells authentic products and aims to offer consistent quality throughout its catalog. We’ve been very impressed in our dealings with J Vapes in the past and can recommend this brand to everyone, from the beginner just starting out in the vaping world to the long-time e cig user. If you’d like to learn more about another brand we love, take a look at our Vaporfi Review. Similarly, if you’re interested in reading through our list of top-rated e cigs, check out the Best E Cigs.

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J Vapes Review of Pros and Cons

While reviewing J Vapes, we identified a few key pros and cons for you to know before deciding whether or not to shop with this brand. On the plus side, J Vapes offers a nice selection of starter kits and devices. This brand doesn’t offer hundreds of different options. Instead, it prefers to stick to trustworthy brands like SMOK, Wismec and eLeaf in order to offer a limited but high quality selection of products. The prices can vary and you’ll need to pay shipping on small orders, but there’s a lot of quality goods up for sale on the J Vapes site.

Where this brand really stands out is in its e liquids. J Vapes boasts of a wide variety of top quality vape juices in all of the big flavor categories. No matter whether you’re looking for tobacco, menthol, fruit, or dessert flavors, J Vapes will have a top quality, all-American blend for you. The brand’s Exclusive range of flavors offers even more quality and complex recipes, with Cinnamon Cake, Green Tea, and Scouts standing out as a few of the highlights.

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J Vapes Pros

  • Good range of starter kits.
  • Top quality e liquids.
  • Stylish website.
J Vapes Cons

  • Prices can vary.
  • Lack of deals.
  • Paid shipping.

J Vapes Review Summary

j vapes review summary

A lot of e liquid companies only tend to focus on e liquids, but we’re pleased to see that J Vapes took the time to put together a good catalog of hardware and accessories too, helping to make this site a great source for all of your vaping needs. You can enjoy free shipping on larger orders (over $75) and the brand runs clearance sales from time to time on retired products. When shopping with J Vapes, you’ll also have the option of chatting with one of the brand’s friendly and well-informed customer service agents, who are always standing by to help people choose the right products. If you’re just shopping for e liquid, we can strongly recommend the Pursuit of Happiness, Midnight Joyride, Fruity Dragon, and Furry Wall flavors as a few of our personal favorites, but there’s plenty of choices to suit all kinds of tastes.

Meanwhile, if you’re shopping for a new device, J Vapes has a really excellent range of products, nicely divided into Starter, Intermediate and Advanced categories on the brand’s website. Beginners can grab a simple pod like the Suorin Air or a basic but effective e cig like the Wismec MyJet or eGo Aio. Those looking for a little more power could invest in the Stick V8 or AL-85, both from SMOK. SMOK is one of the best manufacturers in the vaping world, so it’s good to see that its products dominate the J Vapes catalog. Even in the advanced category, you’ll find plenty of great SMOK products like the Alien, T-Priv and ProColor. If you prefer to have more options and brands to choose from, you might want to shop elsewhere, but if you’re just looking for good quality, reliable devices or awesome e liquids, J Vapes is a clear winner.