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JUUL Vapor is one of the most recognized names in the entire vaping industry, and one of the most easily recommendable brands to those who are new to the vaping world. Headquartered in San Francisco, JUUL Vapor products are sold in countless stores all over the world. The JUUL Vapor device was carefully created by a pair of Stanford graduates who met back in 2007. Both smokers, these students decided to co-found their own vaping company in order to make a positive change on the world and develop a vaping product that would truly help people make the transition from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. The result of their work was the JUUL vaping device.

JUUL Vapor uses only the best manufacturing materials and standards to guarantee the best levels of quality in its products. The JUUL is one of the simplest and easiest devices to use, and the brand’s trademark JUULpods provide rich, long-lasting flavors in tobacco, fruit, menthol and dessert options, with various limited edition flavors added to the menu every so often. JUUL is undoubtedly one of the best brands to consider if you’re new to the vaping world and looking for an entry level device, and another great brand with a lot of appeal to beginners is Halo. You can learn more about them in our Halo Cigs Review. If you’re looking for a more advanced device, check out our full list of Best E Cigs.

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JUUL Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

When reviewing JUUL Vapor, we quickly identified some big advantages of shopping with this brand, as well as a few cons. Starting with the latter, it’s clear to see that JUUL Vapor is a brand aimed at beginners. The JUUL entry-level device is simple to use and provides a solid vaping experience, but of course can’t match up to the more expensive, cutting edge mods and devices out there. If you’re an advanced or intermediate user looking for more power and control, you’ll need to shop elsewhere. The paid shipping is another minor con.

Getting back to the positives, we’ve been highly impressed with JUUL Vapor ever since we had the pleasure of first testing out this brand’s famous device. A lot of entry-level devices fall short in one or more departments, but the JUUL Vapor e cig offers good levels of power, flavor and ease-of-use, as well as having a sleek design. The battery could be better, but apart from that, we really can’t fault this product. The JUULpods provide solid throat hits thanks to their high salt nicotine content, again helping to make this device a real winner with former smokers who are making the switch to e cigs.

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JUUL Vapor Pros

  • Very beginner friendly.
  • Easy to use device.
  • Great quality.
  • Low price.
  • JUUL Pods offer strong throat hit.
JUUL Vapor Cons

  • Weak battery.
  • Paid shipping.

JUUL Vapor Review Summary

juul vapor review summary

JUUL Vapor is one of the first names we think of when anyone asks us for a simple, functional, affordable and effective vaping device. We know and understand how difficult it can be for so many smokers to make the switch to the vaping world. The devices often seem overly complex and the e liquids rarely provide a satisfying throat hit, but JUUL Vapor simplifies everything and gives beginners exactly what they need. This brand has taken the time to focus on the things that former smokers want and need when entering the vaping world. The JUUL Vapor device looks and feels like a little USB stick. It has a sleek, simple design without any complicated buttons or screens. Anyone could learn how to use this device in a matter of minutes, and the JUULpods guarantee bold flavors and strong throat hits.

We’ve spoken repeatedly about how this brand appeals to beginners, but it’s not a bad option for more experienced e cig connoisseurs either. If you need a compact, good quality e cig to carry around at work or on-the-move, or simply as a backup to your more expensive, technical mod, you could do a lot worse than JUUL Vapor’s device. In all honesty, this is undoubtedly one of the best beginner e cigs on the market right now. You don’t need to worry about any of the complexities that come with more advanced devices like refilling tanks or replacing coils and other parts. JUUL Vapor is all about simplicity, so if that’s what you want, we can strongly recommend this brand to you. Since the device first launched back in 2016, many other brands have tried to copy the JUUL Vapor formula, but in our opinion, the original is still the best.