kilo e liquid review

Kilo E Liquid is a relatively recent addition to the vaping industry, but this company has already turned a lot of heads. Founded back in 2014, this premium brand exclusively focuses on the development of creamy flavors that leave people hungry for more. The company is all about expression, creativity and fresh ideas, and that’s easy to see in the way that Kilo presents itself. The company’s marketing, from its website to its bottle branding, is imposing and attractive. This is a brand that catches your attention and exudes confidence; you can almost tell that Kilo’s e-liquids are of immense quality before you even taste them. There are quite a lot of companies out there nowadays that sell themselves as premium brands, but you can’t always be sure of the truth of those claims. With Kilo, that simply isn’t a problem. Every product is handcrafted and every recipe has been developed through weeks and months of hard work.

The company also puts plenty of emphasis on the idea of quality over quantity. For now, there are just five different savors on the Kilo menu, but we think that’s a good thing. Sure, the flavors on offer might not appeal to everyone, but the fact that it takes so long for the team at Kilo to develop a new recipe just shows how much care they put into product development. It’s important for e-liquid companies to spend time on their products, rather than rushing through them and compromising on quality. Fortunately, this company is starting to reap the rewards of its efforts, already being given a prestigious “Best in Show” award last year. If you love the advantages offered by handcrafted, premium juices and particularly enjoy creamy flavors, Kilo is definitely one provider you should be checking out.

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Kilo Review of Pros & Cons

There are a lot of advantages to consider with this particular brand. Kilo products are very reasonably priced, with a 30ml bottle costing $22. There’s also a nice array of options, with smaller and larger bottles available to suit different types of vapers. The flavors themselves are truly exceptional. This company really knows what it’s doing with regard to cream. Few companies are able to blend different types of savor together with consistent levels of success, but Kilo is one of them. All of these flavors have been painstakingly crafted to offer a divine balance between fruity deliciousness and creamy softness.

The company also has a nice, simple website and a big social media presence. Certain parts of the Kilo site are even decorated with images from the company’s fans, which is a particularly nice touch. There’s also a nice range of merchandise on offer and even free shipping on official Kilo products. All of these little touches help to provide a great shopping experience, while the e-liquids themselves can all be used as daily vape solutions.

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Kilo Pros

  • Some truly delectable flavors
  • Great fusions of cream and fruit
  • High quality ingredients
  • Handcrafted juices
  • Made in the USA
  • Decent prices
  • Various bottle sizes
  • Nice website
  • Social media presence and connection with customers
  • Focus on quality over quantity
Kilo Cons

  • It’s difficult to pick flaws with Kilo, but it’s clear that the current range of flavors might not appeal to every single customer. This is entirely a subjective issue, but it’s still worth pointing out. The menu is currently built around mixtures of fruit and cream. Therefore, menthol or tobacco fans may be left wishing for something different.

Kilo E Liquid Review Summary

kilo e liquid review summary

It’s always good to see an e-liquid company try new things. The development team working at Kilo has clearly gone above and beyond in its mission to become the master of cream-based juices. Every aspect of these e-liquids has been developed with a lot of love and care to provide plenty of customer satisfaction. To top it off, the prices really aren’t too bad for such a premium brand. Overall, we can wholeheartedly recommend Kilo products to almost anyone.

A lot of people are talking about Kilo and this brand is growing bigger by the day. It’s easy for us to see why Kilo has become so popular so quickly, as the products offered by this company are outstanding. A lot of e-liquid companies tend to focus on one particular area. Some of them develop great-tasting fruit concoctions while others focus on more dessert-based ideas. Kilo has gone in a new direction by building flavors around a creamy base. It’s a fresh style and it works well. These bottles almost remind you of yoghurt-based smoothies. The Kilo menu is rich with refreshing sensations that keep you coming back for more. This company also makes use of plenty of VG in its recipes to ensure that those flavors are as intense as possible, producing some thick clouds of vapor with each puff.

In our opinion, one of the best items on the Kilo menu is the ‘Cereal Milk’ bottle. If you want to be instantly teleported to your childhood, this is a great bottle to choose. As the title of this product suggests, Cereal Milk recreates the taste of the milk that is left when you are finished eating your fruit-flavored cereal. We are all familiar with that sort of sensation as the various sweet savors and fruity tangs have seeped out into the bowl over time. Well, this e-liquid really captures that taste, without overdoing it on the sugar front. Too many cereal-based juices are excessively sweet, but Kilo makes use of its special cream technology to keep this e-liquid feeling soft and refreshing. The latest addition to the roster, known as ‘Fruit Whip’, is another big hit. Fruit Whip blends together a variety of common fruit juices like apple, kiwi, strawberry and pear, all wrapped up in the company’s iconic cream. It’s a real winner, just like the rest of the Kilo collection.