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Lite Cig USA is a top online vaping store, specializing in the latest and most popular products from big name brands. If you’re the sort of person who wants to enjoy the most cutting edge devices and freshest experiences, Lite Cig USA is widely recommended as one of the better places to shop. A quick look at this brand’s hardware catalog shows how dedicated it is to quality; you’ll only find top-rated manufacturers on this site, like SMOK, Kanger, and Sigelei, so you don’t have to worry about buying any lower quality goods from less reputable brands. When you shop for hardware for Lite Cig USA, you know you’re getting a great product every time.

This brand has been around the industry for more than a few years now and is based out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It has a retail location in Williamsport, as well as a second store in Mechanicsburg, PA, so you can choose to shop in person if you’re in the area too. As well as offering a huge range of the latest devices and accessories, Lite Cig USA also sells a big range of e liquids, featuring some top tier brands like Naked 100 and Mad Hatter. In short, this is one of those companies that aims to offer all sorts of vaping supplies in one easy-to-navigate store. Direct Vapor does a similar thing, and you can read our Direct Vapor Review to learn more. Be sure to read through our Best E Cigs too.

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Lite Cig USA Review of Pros and Cons

There are some clear advantages to shopping with Lite Cig USA. For example, this brand offers a great range of cutting edge devices from top tier brands, as well as a broad selection of e liquids. The regular sales and money-saving rewards program help to make shopping with Lite Cig USA fun, so there are plenty of reasons why you might want to shop with this brand.

On the other hand, Lite Cig USA’s products can vary a little, and you might find the same devices cheaper elsewhere, so we recommend shopping around. There aren’t many options for newbies here, sadly, with the brand catering more for intermediate and advanced users. In addition, some of the e liquids are a little lacking in quality, and you’ll see ‘out of stock’ labels on various items around the site, which is another minor complaint we have for this brand.

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Lite Cig USA Pros

  • Good rewards program.
  • Large range of devices.
  • Plenty of e liquids.
  • Lots of sales.
Lite Cig USA Cons

  • Prices can vary.
  • Lack of options for beginners.

Lite Cig USA Review Summary

lite cig usa review summary

What we liked the most about Lite Cig USA is the brand’s dedication to quality, especially in the hardware section. Many big vaping stores stock hundreds of devices from every brand on the planet, including some of the less-respected ones. This can make it difficult for customers, especially those who aren’t knowledgeable about different brands and products, as they can end up buying devices that don’t match up to the standards they were hoping for. Fortunately, Lite Cig USA only stocks hardware from highly rated brands, and you can find some great devices here like the SMOK Stick V8, Innokin Coolfire IV Plus, and iJoy Capo 100, as well as simpler options like the Joyetech eGo AIO and Aspire PockeX, but, as we mentioned earlier, there aren’t too many options here for beginners, so if you’re looking for more options in the entry-level category, you might be better off shopping with another brand like Direct Vapor.

Lite Cig USA’s prices are a tricky point for us to talk about. On some products, this brand offers great prices that are often lower than the competition, but on others, the price tags seem unreasonably high. In short, prices on Lite Cig USA’s site are a little inconsistent, so we recommend shopping around and comparing with other big name brands to ensure you get the best deal. Fortunately, Lite Cig USA’s extensive sales and cool rewards program do help to make this brand an appealing proposition for people who want to get good value on their vaping supplies. Overall, we’re impressed by Lite Cig USA and appreciate this brand’s dedication to offering top quality goods. You can feel peace of mind when shopping with Lite Cig USA, but a few more options for beginners and some more good quality e liquids brands would help it match up with Direct Vapor and others. In short, Lite Cig USA isn’t perfect, but it’s earned its place as a leading vape store and we can recommend it to our readers.