lost art e liquid review

Lost Art E Liquid is a California-based e liquid provider, specializing in sweet and candy-based flavors. With a slick sense of style and deep, well-balanced flavors, Lost Art has a lot to offer. As soon as we started reviewing Lost Art e liquids and tasting these flavors for ourselves, we knew we simply had to recommend them to all the candy-lovers out there. If you like these sorts of flavors, there’s no way you can afford to miss out on Lost Art. The mixers working behind the scenes of this brand have mastered the art of crafting complex, candy-based flavors and balancing out the sweet and sour tones in just the right way. Balancing e liquid ingredients can be very difficult and many companies fail, but Lost Art is one of the winners. If you’d like to learn about another brand that combines several ingredients into winning e liquid recipes, check out our Blu E Liquid Review.

The fact that Lost Art specializes in candy flavors means that it doesn’t have anything to offer to vapers who prefer menthol or tobacco-based offerings, but that’s okay. Going into this e liquid review, we could quickly see that Lost Art has found its niche and focused on becoming a leading force in its chosen flavor category. When you think of candy-based e liquids, Lost Art has to be one of the names on your mind. The brand takes all of your favorite childhood treats, including gummy bears, milkshakes, popsicles and honey cereal, and brings them to life in e liquid form. We were consistently impressed with the balancing of the flavors in Lost Art e liquids and can recommend them to our readers. And if you’d like to learn more about the flavors we love the most, check out our Best E Liquids.

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Lost Art E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

There are some big advantages and a few disadvantages to Lost Art, and we want to give you the full breakdown so you can make the most informed decisions when choosing to shop with this brand. On the plus side, Lost Art offers strong, unique flavors with attractive, eye-catching packaging to match.

As for the cons, this is a premium e liquid brand and its products are priced accordingly. If you’re working with a limited budget, you might not be able to afford Lost Art products regularly, but our coupon and sales can help with that. In addition, since this brand is all about sweet flavors, you won’t find any tobacco or menthol options.

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Lost Art E Liquid Pros

  • Bold, delicious flavors.
  • Eye-catching packaging.
  • Relatively large selection.
Lost Art E Liquid Cons

  • Premium prices.
  • No tobacco or menthol options.
  • Paid shipping.

Lost Art E Liquid Review Summary

lost art e liquid review summary

Lost Art is undoubtedly one of the better providers of sweet e liquids currently operating in the US. This is a crowded market, as sweet flavors are highly popular and many new companies are popping up regularly in order to try and latch onto that popularity and bring their own ideas to the table. Lost Art has been around for a while now and uses its experience and know-how to craft some excellent e liquids. As we said earlier in this Lost Art e liquid review, it can be hard for mixers to make solid candy or dessert-based flavors without falling into the trap of making them too sweet and sugary. Fortunately, Lost Art’s mixers know what they’re doing and offer some very well-balanced, delicious flavors.

While reviewing Lost Art, we were also impressed by the variety offered by this brand. Sure, there aren’t menthol or tobacco flavors to choose from, but Lost Art has still managed to put together a dynamic menu, featuring cereal, candy, fruit and dessert ingredients. One of the brand’s most famous flavors is Unicorn Puke, offering a unique and inimitable experience of rainbow sherbet ice cream. Gummy Glu is another popular offering, bringing together a variety of sour gummy candies in an overall flavor that will quickly become one of your favorites if you have a sweet tooth and a penchant for sour candy. Finally, we have to give a special mention to the brand’s Mystery Flavor. As the name suggests, it’s a bit of a challenge to really describe this one, as it brings together a mixture of fruit and candy notes. Give it a try and see if you can uncover the recipe.