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Mad Alchemist is a great company name, because it really sums up the whole experience you’ll have with this particular brand of e-liquids. The recipes are wacky, the product names are bizarre and the official website is mind-boggling. Overall, The Mad Alchemist lives up to its name by offering some truly special little potions that will leave long-lasting impressions on any type of user. The company was actually founded back in 2013 by a couple: Nicole and Joshua Pennington. Nicole has worked as a nurse and lab technician in the past, having a love for all things chemical. Meanwhile, Joshua has culinary experience and loves to mix flavors together and derive new tastes. Together, it’s easy to see how they could make a lethal combination for the vaping world. Joshua can invent the crazy recipes while Nicole uses her scientific knowledge to perfect the juices. We can honestly say that they’re doing a great job so far. The Mad Alchemist menu is especially rich in fruity fusions and fantastical sensations. A huge amount of work goes into the production of every single savor, so you know you’ll be purchasing a product of excellent quality each time.

The flavors are great, but the thing that really sets this company apart is its image. As soon as you arrive on The Mad Alchemist’s official website, your screen will be filled with images of bubbling potions, fire-breathing dragons and spooky spiders. Clearly, a lot of time and love has gone into the creation of the brand’s imagery and we really like that. The world of fantasy adventure has become quite popular nowadays, so these sorts of pictures and wonderful creations will certainly speak to a lot of people. What’s great is that the staff haven’t stopped there. The names of the products are equally mystical, with some highlights including ‘Fairy Dust Elixir’, ‘Snow White’s Demise’ and ‘Eye of Newt’. Not only that, but the team even went to the trouble of writing poetic descriptions for every single product that look like they could have been plucked from the pages of an ancient storybook. It’s a really nice touch that just adds to the allure of these products. The Penningtons both happen to be fans of geek culture and old fantasy stories, so they really know how to recreate that magical atmosphere around their vape juices. You simply can’t shop with this brand without being sucked into their world of monsters and witches.

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Mad Alchemist Review of Pros & Cons

the mad alchemist elixir reviews

We’ve already talked about it quite a bit, but the biggest advantage of this company has to be its imagery. It’s always cool to see an e-liquid company come up with its own special identity. This works to attract new customers and also just adds a bit of fun to the whole experience. The team behind The Mad Alchemist has done some remarkable work here. The website, the bottles, the descriptions, the packaging, simply everything has been given a sprinkle of magic dust and brought to life in a fantastical world. Even if the fantasy genre isn’t your thing, you can still applaud the efforts of this company for putting so much care into its branding.

The flavors available also happen to be delicious and the bottles are quite affordable too. There are three different sizes available: 15ml, 30ml and 120ml. The smallest bottle costs $11.99, the medium will cost you $19.99 and the big one is priced at $63.99. These prices are very reasonable, especially given the quality of ingredients and manufacture in place with The Mad Alchemist.

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Mad Alchemist Pros

  • Really interesting and unique style
  • Lots of cool imagery around the site and products
  • Well-made website with lots of things to see
  • Great flavors
  • American-made
  • Good vapor production
  • Decent prices
  • A few different bottle sizes to buy
Mad Alchemist Cons

  • The Mad Alchemist is one of those companies that are really hard to criticize. The brand has a unique style, quite a large menu (11 flavors) and decent prices. There’s not really much we can say against this company, but perhaps the flavors on offer might not necessarily appeal to ‘everyone’s’ palate.

Mad Alchemist E Liquid Review Summary

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We rate The Mad Alchemist very highly. Not only does this brand nail its aesthetic aspect with some great designs and a fantastic website, it also produces some scrumptious bottles of vape juice. All of the magical images and poetic descriptions wouldn’t count for much if the liquids themselves weren’t worth tasting. Fortunately, The Mad Alchemist has some very talented staff members who have whipped up a fascinating menu of products.

There’s a lot of buzz around The Mad Alchemist and we can certainly understand why people are talking about this company. Fantasy fans can easily get lost in the brand’s mystical and marvelous world, while everyone else can simply enjoy the great-tasting menu on offer. The bottles aren’t too expensive and are made with high amounts of VG to provide suitably thick clouds of vapor, just like you would expect if you walked into a witch’s cave. The whole fantasy theme is really spread out nicely through every aspect of the company’s branding, and we appreciate the hard work that has gone into keeping that image alive.

Every member of The Mad Alchemist’s menu is quite highly-rated by customers, but people really seem to specifically enjoy the ‘Snow White’s Demise’ bottle. This product replicates the savors and aromas of a freshly-baked Dutch apple pie. It’s a really nice mixture of sweet pastry and tangy apples. Another innovative potion is the ‘Dragon’s Breath’ juice. This one really stands out, offering a startling blend of raspberries, cinnamon, and a host of other warm spices to create a really unique flavor. After your first puff of Dragon’s Breath, you’ll definitely be coming back for more.