mad hatter e liquid review

Mad Hatter E Liquid is one of the most widely loved premium e liquid companies around. If you’re interested in these kinds of products, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard of Mad Hatter at some point or another. They’re responsible for some of the vaping world’s most famous and adored flavors, including the renowned I Love Donuts and I Love Cookies bottles, and we had a lot of fun reviewing Mad Hatter e liquid and testing these bottles for ourselves. Offering sweet treats that taste like they just came out of your grandma’s oven, Mad Hatter is setting the bar in the dessert-based e liquid world. The brand has been around for a while and has evolved with the times, growing its menu with exciting new additions to attract more customers and keep the Mad Hatter name synonymous with exceptional quality products. Mad Hatter e liquids are among our favorites, and if you’d like to see our other top-rated vape juices, check out our Best E Liquids list.

Where other e liquid brands tend to excel in certain areas and fall short in others, Mad Hatter manages to tick every box and consistently succeed in all of its endeavors, making it one of the most successful premium e liquid creators operating today. As an example of this brand’s dedication to high quality, we can say that part of what we love about Mad Hatter e liquid is its packaging. Each bottle is colorful and cute, delivered in adorable boxes that simply ooze quality and prepare you for the premium experiences the e liquids go on to provide. Our Mad Hatter e liquid review will look at some of these liquids in detail, as well as covering the brand as a whole, and if you’d like to see our view on another popular and successful e liquid brand, be sure to check out our Blu E Liquid Review.

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Mad Hatter E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

While reviewing Mad Hatter e liquid, the pros of this brand were very easy to identify. In short, it’s all about quality. Mad Hatter uses excellent ingredients, super production techniques and brilliant branding to offer high quality all across the board. Its prices aren’t bad either. On the downside, this is a sweet-focused brand, so if you’re interested in other kinds of e liquids, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

In general, Mad Hatter is one of our favorite premium e liquids, offering many more positive points than negative ones. Even the ‘cons’ of this review aren’t really major complaints. This brand has chosen sweet-based flavors as its niche and is excelling in that domain. Not only that, but it continues to evolve and come out with new flavors over time.

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Mad Hatter E Liquid Pros

  • Very high quality e liquids.
  • Delicious flavors.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Big vapor clouds.
Mad Hatter E Liquid Cons

  • Premium prices.
  • Heavy focus on sweet flavors.

Mad Hatter E Liquid Review Summary

mad hatter e liquid review summary

The high VG, super sweet concoctions of Mad Hatter are simply delicious, generating thick clouds of vapor and leaving you eager for more. These e liquids have been made with a whole lot of care and truly manage to recreate some of the world’s most popular real-world treats like popcorn, cookies, taffy, ice cream, and more. If you’re interested in dessert based e liquids, we can truly say that you simply need to give Mad Hatter a try. You’ll definitely be missing out otherwise, as these e liquids are the kings when it comes to dessert flavors. While reviewing Mad Hatter e liquid, we were happy to see that Mad Hatter has listened to its fans and paid attention to the trends of the evolving e liquid industry, improving its recipes, expanding its menu and coming up with new enhancements to existing flavors like I Love Donuts Too.

This brand also impresses us with its prices. 60ml bottles offer a lot of vaping potential and don’t come with the same premium price tags as many rival brands, which is another big plus point for Mad Hatter. If you’re not sure where to begin with this brand, the I Love Donuts bottle is a perfect starter point. It’s one of the e liquids that helped to put Mad Hatter on the map and remains a much-loved classic to this day. I Love Donuts Too adds to the original mixture with blueberries and a sugary glaze, and both recipes have their advantages. We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Mad Hatter e liquid and are looking forward to seeing what the brand does next.