mad hatter i love cookies review I Love Cookies E Liquid has just hit the market along side the now notorious ‘I Love Donuts’ flavor. Mad Hatter is building a reputation for offering the cutest vape bottles on the market with some really heartwarming flavors, and I Love Cookies is a great example of what this brand can do. Let’s start on the outside. The bottle itself comes delivered in a pretty little box that you probably won’t even want to open. The box itself is styled in the fashion of an old-fashioned oven. Therefore, as you open it up, it’s almost like you’re taking out a batch of freshly-baked cookies. It’s a really nice touch and adds to the overall experience of this vape juice. The bottle itself is made of glass and has a cute little label, complete with a parody of the famous ‘Nutritional Information’ table you’d expect to find on a genuine box of cookies. Instead of talking about calories and fat content, the label on this bottle reminds us that the e-liquid ‘tastes like happiness’. It’s another amusing touch that demonstrates how far Mad Hatter Juice is prepared to go to put a smile on customers’ faces. The juice itself is a delightful recreation of the sort of cookies you might have enjoyed at home as a child. The mixture also includes a nice splash of milk to even out the sweetness, along with some notes of strawberry and caramel. Overall, it’s a great recipe that has been really well-balanced.

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Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Overall Taste:
The thing that stands out about I Love Cookies is how well these flavors work together. It would have been easy for the company to simply send out a simple cookie-based recipe, but the additions of milk, strawberry and caramel all come in waves to make the package complete.

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Throat Hit:
The juice is comprised of 40% PG and 60% VG. The PG helps to provide a noticeable throat hit, but it’s not too strong to be distracting or overbearing. The mixers have done a good job of offering a smooth and soothing vape experience.

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Vapor Production:
Mad Hatter Juice products usually make quite a lot of vapor. In the same way that a freshly-baked batch of cookies might send off some steam as they leave the oven, you can expect some sweet clouds of vapor to form when using this bottle.

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Product & Shipping Costs:
You can enjoy this particular juice in a couple of different bottle sizes. The smallest option is the standard-sized 30ml bottle, which costs only $20. When you see that a lot of other gourmet or premium e-liquid companies charge $23 per bottle, you can see that this is quite a decent price. It’s also worth noting that this price is much, much cheaper than real cigarettes and tobacco, so former smokers shouldn’t have too many complaints. You can also choose to buy a larger 120ml bottle for $49.99. As an added bonus, shipping is entirely free.

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Product Availability:
Mad Hatter Juice only manufactures two types of e-liquid, so you won’t really need to worry about I Love Cookies ever going out of stock. If ever you need to top up with a couple of fresh bottles, simply head over to the company’s official site and place your order.

Mad Hatter I Love Cookies Review Summary

mad hatter i love cookies review summary

I Love Cookies is a genuine vaping treat. Even the act of getting the bottle out of the box reminds us of opening the oven before enjoying some warm cookies and milk. The development team at Mad Hatter Juice has done an excellent job with this product. The hints of caramel and strawberry work incredibly well to enhance the overall taste, while the creamy milk nicely subdues the sweetness of the cookie itself. If you love cookies too, then this really is the only bottle for you.