mad hatter i love donuts review I Love Donuts E Liquid is a yummy little treat that comes to us from Mad Hatter Juice, a brand that really puts a lot of effort into every tiny detail of its products. That’s why we’re going to start this review by talking about the packaging. The I Love Donuts bottle actually comes delivered in its own pink donut box, just like you’d buy in a store. That’s a really nice touch, but Mad Hatter Juice doesn’t stop there. The bottle itself is also nicely decorated with a cute donut picture and a ‘Vaped Fresh Daily’ message. Then, on the back of the label, the company has even gone to the trouble of producing an amusing little ingredients table, mentioning how one portion of I Love Donuts will contain ‘100% Deliciousness’ and plenty of ‘Sprinkles of Awesomeness’. This is a nice little touch that really adds to the overall package of the I Love Donuts bottle. The juice itself is a wonderful recreation of a glazed donut mixed with a handful of juicy blueberries. We can certainly say that this juice has all-day vape potential, as we really can’t get enough of its scrumptious flavor. In fact, it would be very hard for us to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this flavor of vape juice. If dessert e-liquids really aren’t your thing, then I Love Donuts might not be for you, but everyone else should order a bottle. This juice isn’t too expensive and will keep you smiling all through the day.

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Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Overall Taste:
I Love Donuts really delivers on its promise. It offers the great, fluffy taste of a cake donut, smothered in sugary glaze and then mixed it with a bunch of fresh blueberries to complete the concoction. The sweetness of this juice is certainly present, but not too overbearing. You can certainly distinguish between the various flavors and will certainly want to go back for more after your first puff.

Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Throat Hit:
This juice has 40% PG, so it can still provide a decent throat hit. The hit itself isn’t too powerful, but you’ll certainly notice it. Still, the overall vaping experience with I Love Donuts is quite a smooth one, and the flavors are very rich.

Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Vapor Production:
There’s 60% VG content in this particular juice, so you can expect quite a thick cloud of vapor to form. Remember that if you want to enjoy some more vapor, you can simply make use of more powerful equipment and different coils.

Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Product & Shipping Costs:
I Love Donuts is available in two different bottle sizes: 30ml and 120ml. The former will run you $20, while the latter costs $49.99. If you really like this juice, it’s therefore pretty smart to invest in the bigger bottle, as you’ll be saving $10 overall. Either way, the $20 price tag really isn’t bad at all, with most rival companies commonly charging $23 or more for the same amount of juice. Shipping is also free with USPS and the products you buy should be delivered to your door quite quickly.

Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Product Availability:
Product availability really is not a concern with this bottle of e-liquid. Mad Hatter Juice only sells two different flavors of vape juice, so its stocks are always very well supplied. You’ll never see I Love Donuts sell out on the company’s official website, so it’s always easy to head online and order another couple of bottles.

Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Review Summary

mad hatter i love donuts review summary

There are many different dessert options out there for vaping enthusiasts, but we really like I Love Donuts. Mad Hatter Juice has managed to perfectly capture the way it feels to bite into a sweet cake donut. The company’s mixers have then gone one step further by balancing the sweetness of the glaze with the tangy freshness of delicious blueberries. It’s a match made in heaven and we would certainly recommend that you check this bottle out. It’s really a great way to enjoy the beautiful taste of a donut without worrying about the calories.