motley brew review

Motley Brew is a unique e-liquid company with its own particular style. If you’re a believer in traditional American values or you happen to be a big fan of rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll surely find something to like about this particular brand. The team behind Motley Brew bill themselves as independent, following their own road away from the beaten trail and coming up with some inventive new products in the process. The whole theme of the company’s website and image is built around the idea of concerts and backstage passes, with plenty of rock music puns and imagery featuring throughout this company’s documentation and product names. Indeed, some of the vape juices on offer are named after famous bands or songs like The Foo Fighters, Grateful Dead or Paradise City, but with the company’s own humorous twist: Froot Fighters, Grateful Red and Pearadise City. The company’s backstory talks about old tour buses, backstage passes and stairways to heaven. This sort of theme won’t speak to everyone, but has certainly helped the company find plenty of fans and followers so far.

Motley Brew’s mixers create all of their juices by hand, with these products offering a good range of flavors to experience and enjoy. Following in the rock ‘n’ roll theme, some of these liquids contain the sort of flavors you might associate with famous rock bands like whiskey, tobacco and strong espresso. Meanwhile, the company also indulges in some sweet treats, featuring ingredients like sugar-glazed apples, praline pecans and more. Each and every bottle is nicely decorated with the company’s attractive logo, complete with a matching purple dripper. The staff working for Motley Brew also pride themselves on their own creativity as they strive to excel in the products they invent. A statement on the company’s website reveals that the founders of the brand weren’t happy with existing e-liquids and wanted to make their own, with guarantees of safety, quality and innovation for every one of their customers. These are certainly values that we appreciate, making Motley Brew a great choice for your vaping needs.

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Motley Brew Review of Pros & Cons

motley brew e liquid reviews
Motley Brew is a solid company. The guys behind this brand have got their own image and decided to run with it all the way. Everything from the site to the logo to the product names is littered with rock ‘n’ roll iconography and band-inspired puns. We appreciate when a brand goes to such lengths to create a powerful image, and so Motley Brew definitely earns a few points for its efforts in that respect.

The flavors themselves are quite complex and fairly limited for the time being, with just six variations on sale. However, rather than focusing on just one theme like fruits or desserts, the company has managed to offer quite a broad spectrum of flavors. Therefore, you should be able to find at least one or two bottles to appreciate from the Motley Brew lineup. The prices aren’t too bad either. It’ll cost you $21.99 for a 30ml bottle, which is decent value considering the quality of the ingredients and the handcrafted nature of these juices. That said, we would appreciate a few more bottle size options to help customers save money.

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Motley Brew Pros

  • Wide range of delicious tastes
  • American made
  • Excellent quality ingredients
  • Handcrafted products
  • Rockstar company image
  • Slick website
Motley Brew Cons

  • A lack of variety in both the flavors and the purchase options. Fortunately, this company still has time to grow and we can hopefully expect to see more variety in the near future. For starters, it would be good to have a 15ml sample bottle option, allowing prospective customers to test out each flavor without spending too much cash.

Motley Brew E Liquid Review Summary

motley brew review summary

One of the best things about the vaping industry is the way in which so many companies try to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Motley Brew is a great example of that, with the company’s old-fashioned, American rock music stylings really helping this brand stand out from the rest. Six great flavors are already on offer, with more set to arrive in the future. It’s a shame that customers aren’t able to purchase sample bottles, but you can rest assured that every item you buy from Motley Brew is both well-made and delicious.

This is a good vaping company and we would recommend that you test out their products. The vaping industry already has a few similarities with the world of rock ‘n’ roll, so we feel like Motley Brew has made use of a solid fusion of themes. The look of the company is very appealing and the work the staff have done to create such a strong, music-inspired set of products is worthy of commendation. The flavors themselves have clearly had a lot of work go into them and are already popular with the company’s loyal fanbase. One particular highlight is the Old Fashioned R&R bottle. Winner of the prestigious ‘Best in Show’ title at the 2015 Vape Summit event, this particular juice offers a pleasing combination of well-aged whiskey mixed with spicy bitters, along with a hint of sugar and a dash of citrus to bring the ensemble to life. It’s a great juice that really fits with the company’s style. Tasting a bit of Old Fashioned R&R can easily make you feel as though you are sitting behind-the-scenes at a sold out concert.

The company also offers some interesting options for people with a sweet tooth. Pearadise City features notes of sweet pears mixed with fresh lychees, all wrapped up in a cradle of vanilla cream. A little touch of mint helps to bring the flavors together and really gives the user a unique sensation. As you can see from these fusions of ingredients, the mixers of Motley Brew love to experiment with lots of different savors to create new some truly inspiring bottles.