newhere e liquid review

NEwhere E Liquid is one of the most professional and fastest growing e-liquid brands on the market today. While the main NEwhere e liquid line is full of great flavor options, one of the coolest things about NEwhere is their ‘Mad Hatter’ line of flavors. What started with only a mouth watering ‘I Love Donuts‘ flavor, has recently been added to with the new ‘I Love Cookies‘ flavor. Both of these desert flavors are amazing for desert vapor lovers and we can’t wait to see how the line continues to evolve in months and years to come.

NEwhere is based in the city of Chatsworth, California and prides itself on professionalism and creativity. Every single product and order is handled with the utmost care, ensuring that every customer can feel reassured and secure when making a purchase. You’ll even be given the option of a 30-day refund as this brand really cares about customer satisfaction. When shopping online, it’s important to feel safe and secure when buying things and you really get that impression with this company. NEwhere is even able to ship its products all over the world and provides a round-the-clock customer support service to help people with problems and queries. To top it all off, the brand has also invented a nice little range of e-liquid flavors, mostly built around fruit-based savors. The company puts lots of time into sourcing its ingredients in all the right ways and has managed to recreate some mouth-watering savors for its menu.

NEwhere hasn’t reinvented the wheel with its vape juice menu, with the company preferring to stick to some time-tested and well-loved flavors. However, those flavors have truly been crafted to perfection here. We really enjoy a lot of the juices on sale with NEwhere and can honestly say that many of them are perfect for your all-day vape needs. There’s a big focus on freshness here. A lot of the juices on offer have a nice bit of tang and strength to them, rather than being filled with too much sugary sweetness or creamy thickness. We can certainly appreciate that this company has decided to go in its own direction, focusing on lively flavors that can give you a boost throughout the day. Flavors like ‘Blueberry’, ‘Pink Lemonade’ and ‘Watermelon Mint’ are really effective at filling your mouth with freshness. The bottles themselves are also really nicely decorated with slick little images and the company’s futuristic fonts and logo. What makes NEwhere even more appealing is its prices. The bottles themselves contain 15ml of juice and cost just $7.99. That’s one of the best prices we’ve ever seen and allows every customer to really test out an array of flavors without breaking the bank.

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NEwhere E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

We’ve just mentioned it, but one of the big pros of this company has to be its prices. You really won’t be able to find 15ml bottles of high quality vape juice for a better price than this. What’s really great about that low price is that it encourages you to buy a couple of different flavors. This lets you try new things and broaden your experiences without having to worry about the cost. What’s more, you’ll also benefit from free USPS shipping. NEwhere even lets you track your order and provides a guarantee and 30-day refund option if you aren’t fully satisfied, so you won’t need to have any fears or doubts before making a purchase.

Meanwhile, on the ‘con’ side of the coin, we’re finding it quite difficult to really criticize this company. The lack of variation in the menu could be an issue for some people. For example, if you come to NEwhere looking for dessert or tobacco-based flavors, then you’ll surely be disappointed. However, that’s a subjective issue and doesn’t constitute a legitimate complaint. Some people might also be frustrated that they are only able to buy 15ml bottles. We’d certainly appreciate the option to purchase bigger bottles, but once again this is not a major problem.

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NEwhere E Liquid Pros

  • Mad Hatter line of flavors
  • Excellent choice of fruity flavors, with a few menthol options too
  • Every purchase is guaranteed to arrive safely
  • Free shipping
  • Very low prices
  • Fresh savors
  • Good quality ingredients
  • Nice bottle design
  • Reliable website with 24/7 support
  • Great product availability rates
NEwhere E Liquid Cons

  • The limited range of flavors could be a problem for some people, but this isn’t really NEwhere’s fault.
  • We’d like the option to buy bigger bottles. However, you can always just buy multiple bottles of your favorite flavors to get around this problem.

NEwhere E Liquid Review Summary

newhere e liquid review summary

NEwhere is a super e-liquid company that we encourage you to check out. With such low prices, you won’t be risking much by buying a couple of bottles, and we’re sure you’ll end up going back for more. The company’s professional work ethic deserves a lot of respect, while its fruity menu of fresh flavors is a real triumph.

NEwhere has made a really good group of flavors here, many of which are very well-suited for use as all-day vapes. The flavors have a crispness and coolness to them, helping to set this menu apart from the crowd. Customers will also appreciate the ability to choose between two different blends for each bottle. You are actually able to select between a couple of VG:PG ratios, depending on how much vapor and throat hit you like best.

NEwhere has 14 different flavors currently up for sale. One of our favorites is ‘Island Squeeze’, a bottle that is almost able to transport you to an exotic beach with just a single puff. This juice contains a nice blend of tasty fruits, namely pineapples and oranges. It’s a simple fusion but it works really well as the juices swirl together to produce a delightfully refreshing sensation. Another hit on the NEwhere menu is ‘Strawberry Mint’. You might not have tried these savors together before, but the combination works really well. The mint helps to keep the mixture fresh while bringing out the deeper aspects of the strawberry’s savor.