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NEwhere E Cigs is an interesting vapor brand with an array of products. The vaping industry is growing larger and more popular with every passing day. The health issues associated with traditional cigarettes are encouraging an increasing number of people into making the switch to e-cigarettes. If you’re interested in E Cigs, you may have encountered a company named NEwhere. This brand is quite popular for its tasty e-juices, along with its range of hookah pens, E Cigs and other accessories. NEwhere products are quite reliable and the brand’s prices are mostly reasonable, but we did manage to find a few problems with this company to mention in our review today. Here, we’ll look over the main aspects and information that you need to know about NEwhere. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether or not you should be placing any orders with this company in the near future.

This privately-held company began back in 2012, so is actually quite a recent addition to the vaping industry. The headquarters of NEwhere are located in the Chatsworth area in the state of California. The company prides itself on offering super fast delivery all around the world, round-the-clock customer service, responsible warrantee and guarantee services, and a nice range of products for every type of customer. We can say that NEwhere succeeds better in some of these areas than others. The company does do a great job when it comes to shipping, while the 24/7 customer care is a nice touch. At the same time, the actual quality of some of the products on sale can be slightly disappointing in certain cases, especially when compared to some of the company’s main rivals and industry leaders.

NEwhere E Cigs offers a few electronic cigarettes and ‘Hookah’ pens. Probably their most notorious product line is their ‘Mad Hatter E Liquid’, which we happen to love. However, for those users out there who are looking for the next level of vaping, (higher performance e liquid vaping) we’d point you in the direction of Vaporfi or V2 Cigs. Additionally, be sure to utilize our Vaporfi Coupon and or V2 Cigs Coupon Code upon checkout.

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NEwhere E Cig Review of Pros and Cons

NEwhere has its own share of advantages to offer to the average customer. As previously mentioned, this brand sets some high standards for things like customer care and shipping. Things can sometimes go wrong, so it’s good to know that a team of staff are on hand to deal with any queries you might have at any time of day. The 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warrantee on every order also help to provide a level of reassurance and confidence for every customer. Meanwhile, it’s always nice when your orders arrive quickly, so we can commend NEwhere for sticking to some really fast shipping times. In terms of the products that are up for sale with this brand, the tasty selection of e-liquids certainly stands out.

On the downside, the rest of the product lineup isn’t quite as impressive. The E Cigs themselves are actually a little disappointing, especially when put up against some of the best in the business. That’s not to say that these e-cigarettes aren’t reliable or functional, because they are, but they just can’t quite match up to certain other brands. In addition, another big drawback for this company is the lack of options available for the average customer. When shopping for flavors, for example, you are very severely restricted in the level of nicotine you can purchase. Another con that we have to highlight is this brand’s pricing structure. Some products are priced quite nicely, like the bottles of e-juice for just $7.99. However, other products simply don’t offer great value for money in our view, like the disposable cigarettes for $9.99.

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NEwhere E Cig Pros

  • A nice variety of scrumptious vape juices
  • Very fast shipping
  • Guarantees and warrantees to secure your purchases
  • Smart website
  • Good-looking E Cigs
  • Round-the-clock customer care
NEwhere E Cig Cons

  • The quality of certain products is lacking
  • Price structure is rather inconsistent
  • Bizarre limitations around things like nicotine levels
  • Not enough choice
  • Barely noticeable throat hits

NEwhere E Cig Review Summary

newhere e cig review summary

In spite of this brand’s problems, it does still have some positive things to offer. Those e-liquids are highly-recommended and the disposable E Cigs can be handy for people who like to vape while on-the-move. Unfortunately for NEwhere, there are a lot of other brands out there these days who are offering the same sort of products for lower prices. In order to keep up with its rivals and maintain a loyal set of customers, we think this brand might need to look over its pricing structure and review the quality of its products. NEwhere certainly has potential to be a great E Cig brand, but for now your cash would be better spent elsewhere.

NEwhere is an E Cig brand that gets some things right and other things wrong. This is a company that clearly has some smart people behind it, who are prepared to put some noble philosophies into action. The dedication of this brand to providing customer satisfaction through technical support and fast shipping is commendable. At the same time, it’s a shame that the same cannot be said about the actual products on offer. The e-liquids are the one exception to this rule. NEwhere has a nice range of flavors on offer, with some particularly intense fruity combinations that certainly should be experienced. Unfortunately, the majority of the catalog is lacking in some way.

The E Cigs work fine but they just can’t match up to other brands. We’ve dealt with a lot of different e-cigarettes in our time, so it’s easy for us to judge and compare the quality of one brand to the next. These NEwhere E Cigs do at least produce a good amount of vapor with each puff, but the absence of a throat hit will disappoint certain customers. While browsing customer testimonials online, we can often come across people who feel a little let down overall and who have since decided to switch to other brands.