It’s pretty well established that Halo Cigs only offers sales during National Holidays. Or at least since I’ve been using the brand for the past 2 years, this seems to have been the case. Finally wrapping up their 10% off everything limited time Labor Day Sale, leaves us loyal customers and newcomers alike wondering when the next chance to save on Halo Cigs products will be. It’s looking like Columbus Day is the next National Holiday in line, which may serve as the next great time to buy a ridiculous amount of extra e liquids and cartomizers. They could of course always offer some sort of ending summer sale, but it’s more likely to not be until the next National Holiday to see any real big discounts being offered.

In The Meantime:
As a strong supporter and advocate of Halo Cigs, we do offer our Halo Cigs Coupon Codes year round. You can save 5% off everything Halo Cigs at anytime by either using the codes at the bottom of this page or visiting our main Halo Cigs Coupon Page. For those of you still on the fence about which electronic cigarette brand to choose, feel free to look around the rest of our site as we cover literally every aspect of Halo Cigs as well as Halo compared to a few other leading e cig brands. You will of course find that Halo Cigs wins in every category including but not limited to battery life, monthly cost, starter kit cost, overall performance and e liquid quality/flavor. For you loyal followers who are just stopping by to see what the latest info is, thanks for reading and while we’ve been super busy with many different projects lately, do note that all the while we’re consuming a tremendous amount of Halo Tribeca E Liquid both via the Halo G6 and Halo Triton. Vape On!


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