njoy daily reviewFirst things first, if you’re new to electronic cigarettes, you’ve landed on the right page.

We’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of tenured tobacco cigarette smokers make the proverbial ‘digital switch’ through the solid suggestion of the NJOY Daily alone.

Again, when first making ‘the switch’, physical size, shape & nicotine percentage are the prime factors to consider. Especially when some of you have been ‘smoking’ the same pack of cigarettes for as far back as you can remember.

The NJOY Daily is making believers out of ‘newbies’ and making existing vapors rather jealous. The thing is, most of us who’ve been vaping for awhile had to start with completely sub-par disposable e cigs. While the idea of vaping was welcomed with open arms, the quality of disposable e cigs available for the past 5 years or so has left most people interested in electronic cigarettes wanting much more.

Until the NJOY Daily came around, consumers had the option of choosing between a handful of disposables including Blu, Fin, Vuse and an assortment of other lesser known brands. However, 90% of consumers would find themselves completely unsatisfied with all of these options.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are a phenomenal concept. They not only give tobacco smokers a viable alternative, but they do so at a relatively cheap price point. Furthermore, over the past few years, disposable electronic cigarettes have been designed in a rather sleek way and give smokers the confidence to use them in public. In theory, this would drastically assist smokers make the switch to vapor and potentially from smoking or vaping anything at all.

The problem however is that most disposable e cigs fail to deliver the performance necessary to actually satisfy tobacco cigarette smokers.

NJOY Daily Single Pack, 5 Pack, 20 Pack & 100 Pack

Introducing the NJOY Daily, the first disposable electronic cigarette that meets and exceeds expectations. Where other disposable e cig options fail, the NJOY Daily rises to the occasion. From overall size and feel to throat hit, vapor production and battery life, the NJOY Daily is the best disposable e cig available.

*Note that the NJOY Daily 5 Pack, 20 Pack & 100 Pack are only available online.

NJOY Daily Single

For the average smoker, a single NJOY Daily will last an entire day. However, buying just 1 NJOY Daily is like eating just ‘one chip’, it can’t be done. We in fact, dare you to try just one NJOY Daily.
njoy daily single pack
*NJOY Daily 1 Pack – $5.99 per unit.

NJOY Daily 5 Pack

The NJOY Daily 5 Pack will of course last roughly 5 days. The NJOY Daily 5 Pack is a great option for those new to vaping or for those who need a reliable option for the weekend or a vacation.
njoy daily 5 pack
*NJOY Daily 5 Pack – $4.80 per unit.

NJOY Daily 20 Pack

Along the same lines, the NJOY Daily 20 Pack will last roughly 20 days. NJOY Daily 20 packs are a great option for those who have fallen in love with the Daily and want to ensure they have one every day. Additionally, the 20 pack offers significant savings. Another solid option is to buy two 20 packs & give the Daily a try for the month, giving yourself a few extras for those overly stressful days.
njoy daily 20 pack
*NJOY Daily 20 Pack – $4.50 per unit.

NJOY Daily 100 Pack

Lastly, the NJOY Daily 100 Pack will (you guessed it) last roughly 100 days for most users. The NJOY Daily 100 Pack is the perfect solution for those who love the Daily, use one on a ‘daily’ basis and seek the maximum amount of savings. There is nothing worse than running out of you’re favorite Daily. Our favorite Daily flavor happens to be the ‘Rich Tobacco’.
njoy daily 100 pack
*NJOY Daily 100 Pack – $4.00 per unit.

Additionally, one of the best aspects of the NJOY Daily is it’s nicotine contents. While most disposable e cigs range from 1.5% to 2.4% nicotine contents, the NJOY Daily contains 4.5% – 6.0% nicotine (by weight). This, combined with NJOY Daily’s advanced ‘QuickVapor’ technology enables consumers to truly have the feeling of smoking without all the additional chemicals found in real tobacco cigarettes.

Throughout the rest of our NJOY Daily Review, we’ll cover literally every aspect of the device, it’s new flavors & lines and possibly answer a few questions you have yourself.

NJOY Daily Review of Flavors (Update)

The NJOY Daily is now available in 20 different flavor options including Classic Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, Menthol, Blue/Blackberry, Smooth Rich Tobacco, Smooth Classic Tobacco, Smooth Blue/Blackberry, Smooth Cool Menthol, Smooth Apple Crisp, Smooth Apple Melon, Extra Rich Tobacco, Extra Classic Tobacco, Extra Menthol, Extra Blue/Blackberry, Extra Plus Rich Tobacco, Extra Plus Menthol, Apple Melon, Apple Crisp, Watermelon and Tropical Twist.

Most ‘newbies’ to e cigs or disposables are somewhat skeptical about vapor generally being able to match the satisfaction they get from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that newbies to vapor, that are familiar with the taste of tobacco, go with tobacco based e cig flavors. Out of all the disposable electronic cigarettes and e liquid flavors we’ve tried (which numbers in the hundreds), the NJOY Daily Rich Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Smooth Rich Tobacco, Smooth Classic Tobacco, Extra Rich Tobacco & Extra Classic Tobacco flavors are in the top 1% of what closely matches smoking real tobacco cigarettes.

While we strongly recommend the tobacco and menthol flavors, it’s also note worthy that even the Blue/Blackberry, Apple Crisp, Apple Melon, Watermelon & Tropical Twist flavors are a solid option for those who wish to dabble in fruit based flavors. It’s worth mentioning because many different e cig brands offer ‘fruity’ or ‘desert’ based flavors, which are typically a whole lot of ‘fluff’ with little to no throat hit or satisfaction in vaping. Again, where other disposables and even e liquids themselves have failed to execute what seem to be good ideas, the NJOY Daily has ‘done it right’ and delivered a competent vaping solution.

The Original NJOY Daily Flavor Selection Review

The Original NJOY Daily Flavors consist of Rich Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Cool Menthol & Blue/Blackberry. It’s also worth pointing out that the ‘Original Daily Flavors’ remain our favorites even among the now available ‘Extra’ & ‘Extra Plus’ options. They each contain 4.5% nicotine by volume and that level seems to fit our particular needs just fine.

njoy daily review of original flavors

NJOY Daily Classic Tobacco Flavor Review:
The classic tobacco flavor most closely resembles a traditional Mild Tobacco Cigarette flavor. It’s not too bold and it’s not too light, in terms of real taste, it’s right in the middle.

*Contains 4.5% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Classic Tobacco

NJOY Daily Rich Tobacco Flavor Review:
The rich tobacco flavor most closely resembles a traditional Full Flavored tobacco cigarette. We strongly recommend the rich tobacco flavor for long time tobacco smokers who desire a match in vapor that most closely resembles a real cigarette.

*Contains 4.5% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Rich Tobacco

NJOY Daily Menthol Flavor Review:
The menthol flavor most closely resembles the traditional ‘KOOL’ tobacco cigarette. When it comes to e cigs, it’s fairly difficult to create a real menthol flavor. Usually menthol flavors are either too ‘minty’ or too ‘bland’. The Daily Menthol is a great combination of vibrancy and boldness, giving long time menthol smokers a truly viable menthol option.

*Contains 4.5% nicotine by weight.

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NJOY Daily Blue & Black Berry Flavor Review:
The blue/blackberry flavor is a delicate balance of sweetness and tartness. For most newbies to electronic cigarettes, this flavor will not be that appealing. However, it’s a great flavor and acts as a nice ‘getaway’ from the norm.

*Contains 4.5% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Blue Black Berry

The Extra NJOY Daily Flavor Selection Review

One of the new NJOY Daily options is the ‘NJOY Daily Extra’ line. Essentially, the flavors remain the same as the original line, however, there is a large difference in the amount of nicotine by weight. The NJOY Daily Extra line each consists of 6.0% nicotine by weight, equating to a whopping 1.5% nicotine by weight increase compared to the ‘NJOY Daily Original’. This line was specially developed for users who desire more ‘throat hit’ than what the Original line had to offer.

njoy daily extra review of flavors

NJOY Daily Extra Classic Tobacco Flavor Review:
Like the NJOY Daily Original Classic Tobacco flavor, the NJOY Daily Extra Classic Tobacco flavor is considered a traditional mild cigarette taste. However, as noted above and below, the real difference is the extra 1.5% nicotine by weight.

*Contains 6.0% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Extra Classic Tobacco

NJOY Daily Extra Rich Tobacco Flavor Review:
To us, the NJOY Daily Rich Tobacco flavor most closely resemebles smokeing a real tobacco cigarette. The NJOY Daily Extra Rich Tobacco flavor happens to consist of 6.0% nicotine, making it perfect & satisfactory for long time smokers.

*Contains 6.0% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Extra Rich Tobacco

NJOY Daily Extra Menthol Flavor Review:
E cig & e liquid brands and mixologists around the nation have been trying to provide the perfect solution for the tremendous amount of menthol lovers in the market. The NJOY Daily has done it and it taste most similar Marlboro Menthol, Camel Menthol, Pall Mall, KOOL & Newport.

*Contains 6.0% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Extra Menthol

NJOY Daily Extra Blue & Black Berry Flavor Review:
Let’s face it, not all of us enjoy fruity or dessert based e liquid flavors. However, some users do and frankly many users find these ssort of flavors to ‘grow on them’ over time. For those open to a fruity flavor, this one packs 6.0% nicotine.

*Contains 6.0% nicotine by weight.

Shop NJOY Daily Extra Blue Black Berry

NJOY Daily Compared to Blu Disposable E Cigs

njoy daily compared to blu cigs disposable
First and foremost, this isn’t just any ‘run of the mill’ e cig comparison. We’ve collectively used hundreds of both Blu Disposables and Daily Disposables. We frankly know everything there is to know about both devices. With that being said, let’s dive in. The Blu Disposable is good at one thing and one thing only and that’s ‘market share’, they’re literally everywhere. Therefore, nearly 100% of my era’s first e cig (namely disposables) was produced by Blu Cigs. Which should be a good thing, however, as mentioned above, Blu Disposables and most other disposable e cig brands do not work as they should. Blu Disposables (and most other brands) commonly feature malfunctioning batteries, malfunctioning atomizers (meaning each puff is different and often lacks a decent amount of vapor) and frankly mixes of flavors and nicotine that fail to satisfy traditional tobacco smokers. The number one most common items of feedback regarding Blu Disposables is that users find them to ‘not deliver’ vapor, nicotine or consistent battery life. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times that we had to walk directly back into the store where just purchased a brand new Blu Disposable to return it because it was faulty immediately out of the package.

On the other hand, times have changed. Innovation has been at work in the electronic cigarette world, specifically at NJOY headquarters and they’ve developed a disposable e cig that actually delivers all the most important aspects of what a disposable should be. A typical ‘pack per day’ smoker can expect to get roughly an entire day out of their Daily (thus the name). Furthermore, a typical smoker can expect to have their nicotine cravings met via the 4.5% by volume and of course their physical addiction met via the NJOY Daily.

NJOY Daily Review of Specifications

njoy daily review of specifications
The NJOY Daily is sleek, compact, full of flavor and priced relatively cheap. In an electronic cigarette consumer study, over 90% of users found the Daily to be as satisfying as a real tobacco cigarette.

  • QuickVapor Technology
  • 4.5% Nicotine by Volume
  • 300 Total Puffs
  • Cigarette Sized
  • Lithium Battery
  • Concentrated Flavors
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Soft Tip Filter
  • Color Dot Flavor Reminder
  • Illuminating Tip
  • Ingredients Made in Pharma Grade American Facility
  • 50/50 PG/VG Blend for Maximum Throat Hit & Vapor Production
  • Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors
  • Lactid Acid

NJOY Daily Review of Overall Size

njoy daily review of overall size
The overall size and shape of the NJOY Daily is one of its best aspects. It’s been designed to be almost the exact same size as a real tobacco cigarette. Which is saying quite a lot considering how efficient and powerful it is. Until the NJOY Daily came around, consumers were left with disposables such as Blu that we’re much larger than real cigarettes.

  • NJOY Daily Length: 4 1/4 inches (108 mm)
  • NJOY Daily Diameter: 3/8 (9.5 mm)

Frequently Asked NJOY Daily Review Questions

The NJOY Daily has been out for a few months but is still a relatively new product to hit the market. Throughout our detailed NJOY Daily Review you’ve learned why we’re such fans of the new device. Below are a few additional answers to questions that you might have yourself.

What is the difference between the NJOY King & the NJOY Daily?
The NJOY King is and always will be a pillar in the vaping industry. The King was in fact NJOY’s flagship product. However, NJOY recognizes the importance of innovation and strives to provide the absolute best devices in the industry. Therefore, the NJOY Daily was born to essentially improve the experience of users seeking a compact yet high performing disposable electronic cigarette. (Personally, while we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for the NJOY King line, we’d take the Daily 10 out of 10 times over the King.)

Why lactic acid?
NJOY added lactic acid to a number of it’s ‘e liquids’ including the NJOY Daily. The reasoning behind this is 100% increase the throat hit performance (when taking a puff) and overall flavor profile.

What’s the best value when purchasing the NJOY Daily?
The NJOY Daily is available in 4 different quantity options including 1 pack, 5 pack, 20 pack and 100 pack. When considering which quantity amount to purchase, obviously keep in mind that one NJOY Daily is built to last roughly 1 day. Therefore, in terms of the sheer logistics of purchasing e cigs online, it makes sense to order either the 20 pack or 100 pack. With that being said, we encourage you to go to any local Walgreens or other gas station that supplies the NJOY Daily and purchase a single to try it for yourself. If however, you’re keen on taking our advice (with hundreds of e cig reviews and tests under our belts) we again strongly recommend stocking up with at least the 20 pack, if not the 100 pack. This ensures that you have an NJOY Daily on hand every day for the near future, keeping you vaping and not smoking.

NJOY Daily Review Summary

njoy daily review summary
Let’s face it, electronic cigarettes are growing by leaps and bounds in popularity throughout the United States. The past few years has been mostly about ‘marketing’ and making ‘vaping’ a real alternative to tobacco smoking. While this has been a successful push forward for the entire industry, it’s safe to say that technology surrounding most of these devices has been ‘so-so’. It’s our opinion however, that the NJOY Daily is one of the first electronic cigarettes (in this case a disposable form) that not only looks appealing but over delivers in terms of performance. We’ll leave you where we started, the NJOY Daily is light years ahead of the competition and frankly the disposable options that we’re at our ‘disposable’ when we got into the vaping world. So, consider yourself lucky if you’re new to vaping and enjoy the new NJOY Daily.