njoy e liquid review

NJOY E Liquid is in fact quality stuff, especially compared to imported junk from China (as most e cig brands dabble in). NJOY E Liquid is available in a nice variety of flavors including the ‘regular 10’, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla Bean, Double Espresso, Butter Crunch, Single Malt Scotch, Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Peach Tea and Black/Blue Berry. As most all of our e liquid reviews are concerned, we are long time traditional tobacco cigarette users and crave that same taste you get from the classic tobacco flavors. Therefore, it’s not surprising that our recommendation is to first and mostly stock up on Classic Tobacco and Menthol. If however, you wish to tango with ‘other’ or more sweet e liquid flavors, feel free to make NJOY E Liquid your sample source as their abstract flavors are on average more bold and better than almost every single other desert style flavors offered on the market. NJOY E Liquid offers a few sample packs that are worth a look if you indeed want to try some of their mouth watering sounding names. Also, NJOY E Liquid is available in 10mL and 15mL sizes. If you are purchasing your first Vape Kit (Tank System) be sure to stock up on as much e liquid as you can. E Liquid typically lasts around 1 year, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad and frankly there is no worse feeling than running out.

As well as the 10 regular flavors, NJOY has also worked on a very exciting and exclusive project known as the NJOY Artist Collection. This is a really special set of five distinct flavors, each one developed by a famous face from the vaping industry. To create this magnificent collection, NJOY invited some of the best experts and innovators from some of the biggest brands around to take part. You simply won’t be able to find or taste these products anywhere else. The bottles themselves are suitably artistic and exude a real premium air, even their boxes have been splashed with beautiful images to represent their creators. We can’t really speak highly enough of this line of e-liquids, but it’s important not to overlook the ten regular NJOY flavors. Together, the company is able to offer a grand total of 15 exquisite bottles and it’s truly impossible for us to pick a favorite. The Artist Collection bottles will hold massive appeal for vaping enthusiasts who want to experience some otherworldly flavor fusions, while the regular set is rich and varied enough to attract a big set of followers. To top it all off, the prices of NJOY’s bottles are very attractive. The regular ten flavors are available in 10ml bottles that cost $7.99 each, while the beautifully-crafted Artist Collection products cost just $19.99 per 30ml.

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NJOY E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

There are almost too many advantages to mention for this company. NJOY has a great website, excellent product availability rates, super prices, a stunning collection of products and enough choice to suit every single customer. This company doesn’t just get one or two things right, it gets everything right. It’s rare that we can talk about a genuinely unique e-liquid, but the Artist Collection features five of them. Meanwhile, NJOY’s other flavors are very interesting and can all be considered as all-day vapes.

As you can see, it’s almost too easy for us to talk about the positives for this company. Finding the negatives, however, is a lot more difficult. The quality of the juices is really high and the prices are more than reasonable. Still, if we absolutely had to find an issue with NJOY, it would be that the menu could still do with a little more variation. Menthol and tobacco fans don’t really have much to choose from, and the same can be said for people who like sweeter savors. Still, this is a wholly subjective matter.

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NJOY E Liquid Pros

  • A fantastic collection of flavors
  • The Artist Collection is simply brilliant
  • High quality ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Good prices
  • Dedication to quality
  • Excellent product development
  • Product availability
  • Appealing bottle designs
NJOY E Liquid Cons

  • None to point out at this time.

NJOY E Liquid Review Summary

njoy e liquid review summary

There is no doubt in our minds that NJOY is one of the best brands in this business. It’s rare that we find a company that impresses us as much as this one has. The NJOY menu is shockingly good and those Artist Collection bottles are the icing on an already delicious cake.

Huge swathes of customers are being drawn to NJOY and we can totally see why. The company has not only managed to produce a stunning range of flavors with its own in-house staff, it also decided to work on the innovative Artist Collection. By teaming up with some of the best names in the business, NJOY has shown that it isn’t afraid to try new things in order to make the very best products. The Artist Collection bottles are sublime, and the same thing can be said for the whole menu. The low prices only help to make the whole package much more appealing for the average customer.

In terms of particular flavors, we have to say that the company’s ‘Blue + Black Berry’ is a real delight. This is one of NJOY’s best-selling bottles and it’s not hard to see why. The liquid contains a perfect balance of sweet and sour savors. The berries work in tandem to produce a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. It’s difficult to pick a standout performer from the Artist line of products, but ‘Dragonscape’ deserves a special mention. This bottle is unbelievably good, offering a never-before-seen fusion of Asian spices and teas, fused together with the European influences of Belgian coffee and English custard.