njoy rechargeable kings reviewNJOY King Disposables are among the best disposable e cig options on the market. Here’s the thing about disposables, they are obviously for newcomers to the world of e cigs and aren’t exactly designed to deliver the very best vaping experience possible. They are simple designed as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. We in fact started using e cigs via disposables. We quickly learned that e cigs can in fact be a viable alternative and that they are frankly a much cleaner option. The great thing about NJOY Kings is that they are available at every major corner store/gas station. Really, the only strong competitor to the NJOY King is Blu Disposables. It’s also worth noting that when we have our choice, we choose NJOY Kings over Blu every single time. Blu has a tendency to not work properly, we specifically found that blu batteries not working, was basically common practice. Whereas, NJOY Kings work properly every time. Also, remember that even if your a more advanced user, it’s always nice to have an emergency pack of NJOY Kings on hand should your regular rechargeable device every malfunction or if your like us and happen to run out of cartridges or e liquid every now and then. The NJOY Kings are available in a number of quantities online, from a 5 pack to a 100 pack and are offered in Bold, Menthol and Gold flavors.