NJOY Vaping Kits ReviewNJOY Advanced Vaping Kits or (tank systems) come with everything you need to hit the vaping ground running. For whatever reason, NJOY has deciding to use the words ‘Vaping Kit’ instead of tank kit or system, although we’re here to let you know that in fact their ‘Rechargeable Kits’ quality in word terminology as ‘Vaping Kits’ as well. In fact, using the words rechargeable kits for their Compact Systems seems a little off to us as well as both the rechargeable and vaping kits indeed are ‘rechargeable’. Either way, NJOY offers 4 different sets of ‘Vaping Kits’, each with more or less the same basic components, higher priced kits just offering more goodies off the bat rather than having to purchase them separately. From the Economy Vaping Kit to the Super Vaping Kit, you’ll notice a difference in accessories, particularly number of batteries, tanks, e liquid and charging devices. Choosing which Vaping Kit to purchase is completely up to you. Basically we would recommend that if this is your first tank system, that the Economy Kit would work just fine, you can certainly purchase more batteries and tanks as you wish. If however, you’ve used tank systems before and know what your getting into, you can get great value or bang for your buck by purchasing the more accessorized versions such as the Standard, Premium or Super Vaping Kits. Also, if your interested in the size of the NJOY batteries, they offer solely 650 mAh batteries with the Economy and Standard Vaping Kits and both 650 mAh and 1000 mAh High Performance batteries with the Premium and Super Vaping Kits. Lastly, it’s important to point out that all NJOY Tanks are the same size and if you opt to purchase tanks separately, you can do so by navigating to the Vaping E Liquids page and scrolling to the bottom, finding the ‘Shop Tanks’ section.