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NZ Vapor is New Zealand’s biggest vaping company, boasting over 100 retail locations all around the island nation. There are countless vaping stores all around America, but the vaping industry is a global phenomenon, and there are plenty of great companies operating outside the US too. NZ Vapor is one of the better international brands we’ve reviewed, and this company currently offers global shipping as it attempts to make a name for itself outside of New Zealand. Right now, NZ Vapor offers a good range of devices in order to appeal to the widest possible audience, from beginners to advanced e cig users.

This is a company that really understands the positive impact that e cigs can have on the world and wants to encourage as many smokers as possible to quit their habit and make the transition to a safer alternative. The brand’s QWIT Stik device is a great innovation and a solid entry-level offering, and NZ Vapor also offers guides and even an app to help smokers switch over to e cigs. It’s a great brand for beginners, and if you’d like to find a similar brand closer to home, check out our Halo Cigs Review. We also offer a rundown of the Best E Cigs to help you learn about our favorite devices.

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NZ Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

NZ Vapor is a growing presence in the international vaping industry, offering a nice range of devices, with special focus on the brand’s terrific QWIT Stik, which really is a great starting point for smokers. NZ Vapor also boasts of a nice array of e liquids, although we’d like to see even more flavors added in future, and still manages to cater to intermediate and advanced customers, as well as beginners.

If you’re in NZ or nearby, NZ Vapor is the best choice for you. For American and other customers, recommending this brand is a little trickier. There are already a lot of great options for US shoppers, with most of them offering faster shipping and more options than NZ Vapor. In addition, the prices for this brand are all in NZ dollars, so you’ll have to convert the costs to figure out how much you’re spending, which is a little frustrating.

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NZ Vapor Pros

  • Great range of devices.
  • QWIT Stik is excellent.
  • Tasty e liquids.
  • Lots of help for smokers.
NZ Vapor Cons

  • Slow international shipping.
  • Prices need to be converted from NZD.
  • Paid shipping.

NZ Vapor Review Summary

nz vapor review summary

It’s easy to see how NZ Vapor became New Zealand’s leading vaping company and began to attract attention from the rest of the world. Many brands claim to care about the dangers of smoking and the positive effects of vaping, but NZ Vapor really does follow through on those claims. This brand clearly cares a great deal and understands how important it can be for smokers to make the switch. E cigs can save lives and the folks at NZ Vapor have gone to great lengths to make the transition to these devices very easy and seamless. Everyone who buys the brand’s excellent QWIT Stik device also gains access to an exclusive app, with a 5-week program helping them to quit smoking, as well as offering guides, advice, articles and more. Speaking of the QWIT Stik, it really is a solid entry-level option. It’s a little more expensive than other beginner vape pens, like those you might find at Halo, but it justifies the price tag with its sleek design, ease-of-use, and the inclusion of the app.

NZ Vapor also provides 5 different cartridges, or “caps”, for its QWIT Stik, including a couple of tasty tobacco blends, two fruity flavors and a menthol offering. As well as all of that, the brand offers over 25 e liquid flavors too. They’re all tasty and the majority of them work great for all-day vaping, but brands like Halo are able to offer more choice, so we’d love to see even more variety added to the NZ Vapor menu in the future. As well as the QWIT Stik, NZ Vapor offers devices like the Eleaf iCare and Joyetech AIO for beginners, all the way up to more advanced mods like the Kanger K-Kiss and SMOK Alien for more experienced e cig enthusiasts. The relatively slow shipping and price conversion problems mean that, for now, many people might prefer sticking with American brands like Halo and others, but NZ Vapor is a growing name in the industry and we see a very bright future ahead for them.