pachamama e liquid review

Pachamama E Liquid is one of the top e liquid brands out there if you’re looking for fruity flavors. It really is that simple. When we think about fruit-based e liquids, we simply can’t ignore this brand. While reviewing Pachamama e liquid, we were actually very impressed with this company’s dedication to its niche. Some e liquid brands prefer to spread themselves out and produce a range of flavors of many different types – tobacco, menthol, fruit, sweet, etc. – but Pachamama chose its own category of flavor and stuck to it. Rather than producing dozens of different flavors, Pachamama takes the time and care needed to ensure that each of its e liquids is of the very highest quality. It won’t put a bottle up for sale until the recipe has been perfected, and we can definitely admire that sort of attention to detail. The dedication of the Pachamama team reminds us of another brand we love: Five Pawns. You can learn more about them in our Five Pawns E Liquid Review.

Of course, if you’re not interested in fruity flavors, Pachamama won’t be the brand for you. But if you do enjoy ingredients like apples, papayas, mangos and strawberries, you’ll definitely want to keep reading our Pachamama e liquid review to learn more. This brand goes with a 70:30 split in the VG:PG ratio of each bottle, offering a reasonably satisfying throat hit and plenty of vapor production in each puff. What really surprised us and impressed us with Pachamama’s e liquids is how deep the flavors are. Vaping with these products is a very special experience as you’ll uncover new notes over time. It’s almost like the flavor evolves with each puff, and it’s clear to see that a huge amount of hard work went into the refinement of each recipe. We definitely enjoyed our time with Pachamama e liquids and if you’d like to learn about our favorite blends of all time, take a look at the Best E Liquids.

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Pachamama E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

We’ve had positive experiences with Pachamama products and really appreciate the high levels of quality in all of these e liquids. The flavors are deep, the ingredients are excellent, and the recipes have been prepared with a lot of love, care, and expertise.

Pachamama isn’t the perfect e liquid brand, as it only sells five flavors and they’re all fruit-based, so some vapers will simply need to look elsewhere. In addition, Pachamama e liquids are only sold in 60ml bottles for now, so that’s another minor issue. All-in-all, though, Pachamama is an awesome e liquid creator that we’re happy to recommend.

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Pachamama E Liquid Pros

  • Gorgeous packaging.
  • Deep flavors.
  • Awesome for fruit fans.
  • Great vapor production.
Pachamama E Liquid Cons

  • Premium prices.
  • Limited variety.
  • Only available in 60 mL.

Pachamama E Liquid Review Summary

pachamama e liquid review summary

Pachamama is a terrific e liquid brand, producing some very high quality products. We haven’t even spoken about Pachamama’s packaging in this e liquid review so far, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. This brand has developed a very attractive, elegant image for itself. Each bottle is nicely decorated and the names of the products simply list the ingredients contained within, offering total transparency and allowing you to understand exactly what you’re getting every time you buy one of these e liquids. The packaging of an e liquid might seem like a minor factor, but it’s always a good sign when brands take the time to invest in good quality bottles and branding.

As we have mentioned several times throughout this Pachamama e liquid review, this is a brand for fruit lovers. All of the five flavors on the Pachamama menu contain fruity ingredients, including Fuji apples, pineapples, papayas, coconuts, and more. We were impressed with all of the flavors and can’t say that any of them are lacking in quality. One of our favorite Pachamama creation is undoubtedly Mango Pineapple Pitaya, bringing together a trio of rich, tropical flavors for a super all-day vape solution. The brand’s Strawberry Guava Jackfruit combination is another winner. In all of its recipes, Pachamama proves itself to have a total mastery of fruity ingredients, and if these are the sorts of e liquid flavors you love, you definitely need to check out this brand.