pax vapor reviewPAX Vapor is an incredibly innovative vaporizer company. In this review, we’re going to be talking about two brands that are tied together under the same ownership. PAX Labs is responsible for the creation of both the PAX 2 herbal vaporizer and the JUUL electronic cigarette. These two products can appeal to different types of people, but both of them work exceptionally well. PAX and JUUL are both very popular and highly-respected brand names in the vaping industry, attracting countless fans from all over. We’ll be looking at both of these brands in detail today, in order to help you see why you should probably be thinking about investing in at least one of their products. The PAX 2 vaporizer features a stunning design and some incredibly advanced technology to provide one of the best vaping experiences we’ve ever witnessed. Meanwhile, the JUUL E Cig offers much more than a standard e-cigarette. This product comes with its own smart interface to provide a seamless experience, along with yet another aesthetically pleasing design.

A simple look at either of these products gives you the impression that the people who designed them must be pretty intelligent. Well, it therefore shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that PAX Labs was actually started by a pair of Stanford design graduates. The company has its headquarters in the city of San Francisco and is pushing the boundaries of the vaping industry each and every day. After dealing with PAX Labs and testing out their products, we can say we’re completely in awe of this company and really love the way in which they seem to be focusing on crafting elegant devices with plenty of technological innovation under-the-hood. The company itself aims to be a part of the next evolution of smoking, and we can safely say they’re well on their way to fulfilling that goal.

PAX Vapor houses great options for advanced herbal vaporizers in the PAX Original & PAX 2 options as well as a solid option for newbie users seeking a simple and sleek e cig in the JUUL. However, for those users out there who are looking for the next level of e liquid vaping, (higher performance) we’d point you in the direction of Vaporfi or V2 Cigs. More specifically, we’d recommend the VOX 100 TC MOD or the Pro Series 7. For more information on either of these advanced devices, we’d encourage you to check out our detailed Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review & V2 Pro Series 7 Review. Additionally, be sure to utilize our Vaporfi Coupon and or V2 Cigs Coupon Code upon checkout.

PAX Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

The pros of both PAX and JUUL are simply too numerous to mention, so we’ll stick to the most important points here. First of all, the design of these products is just breathtaking. Both the PAX 2 herbal vaporizer and the JUUL E Cig look as though they arrived from the future. These devices ooze class and look more like high-tech computing components than vaping equipment. Of course, the look of a device isn’t everything and won’t exactly have much of an influence on your vaping experience, but it’s always nice to use products that have a premium look and feel to them. Fortunately, PAX Labs reinforces the incredible aesthetics of its products with some unparalleled performance levels.

Let’s start with the PAX 2. Not only does this device have a strong, anodized aluminum shell to protect it, it also contains a truly world-class battery that will easily last for many hours before needing a charge. The device also includes its own accelerometer to actually detect when you are using it. This way, the PAX 2 is able to automatically turn itself off when not in use to keep that battery lasting longer. Next up, the JUUL E Cig has been carefully designed to provide the perfect balance of flavor intensity, vapor production and throat hit. It also comes complete with its own easy-to-use interface that requires almost no effort on the part of the user. Everything is controlled and adjusted automatically to provide the user with optimal satisfaction.

PAX Vapor Pros

  • Super high quality products
  • Incredibly-attractive designs that are sure to turn some heads
  • Smart interfaces and technology
  • Advanced systems mean that you don’t need to worry about flicking switches and making adjustments
  • Free shipping
  • Very long-lasting batteries
  • Resistant products that will not break or degrade
  • Rich flavors
  • Plenty of vapor
  • JUUL E Cig has a compact design, perfect for people on-the-go
PAX Vapor Cons

  • If we had to find one con with this company, it might have to be the prices. The prices themselves are fair, especially considering the immense quality on offer. However, they are a little high compared to other brands, and not everyone will be able to afford these items. At the same time, the PAX 2 and JUUL E Cig will last much longer than most rival products, so they represent a worthwhile long-term investment.

PAX Vapor Reviews & Customer Testimonials

pax vapor reviews and customer testimonials
PAX Labs is a very well-respected brand that continues to expand its reach around the world. We can certainly see a very bright future for this company, and we’re clearly very satisfied with our dealings so far. Using the PAX 2 is like witnessing the next step in the vaping industry’s evolution, while the JUUL E Cig is perfect to slip in your pocket for all-day vaping needs while you’re out and about. The advanced technology powering these devices is very impressive, while PAX Labs even went to the trouble of making these items look as good as they perform. All of that deserves a lot of respect and we can frankly and honestly recommend these brands to anyone.

In terms of customer testimonials, people seem to be thrilled with their own dealings with PAX and JUUL. The E Cig has a huge number of fans thanks to its compact design and effectiveness, while the herbal vaporizer is also highly popular due to its smart technology and groundbreaking tech. As mentioned above, you might need to pay a little more than usual for these products, but you’ll struggle to find any other E Cig brand that comes close to matching PAX Labs.

PAX Vapor Review Summary

pax vapor review summary
To say that we have been blown away by PAX and JUUL would be an understatement. After testing out countless devices, we know a good E Cig or vaporizer when we use one. The PAX 2 and JUUL E Cig are two examples of what happens when every element of the design process goes to plan. These devices are not only fully functional, they have actually been able to exceed our expectations. Not to mention they also happen to have some of the most eye-catching designs we’ve ever seen. Overall, PAX and JUUL can be fully recommended by us to you.