peanut butter and jesus reviewPeanut Butter & Jesus is one of our favorite ‘unique’ e liquid flavors. Charlie’s Chalk Dust has gained a reputation for being one of the most original companies in the vaping business. Whether you’re looking at the company’s amusing, folkloric backstory or the imaginative titles of its products, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is clearly all about creativity. Some of this company’s recipes are quite wacky, but the Peanut Butter and Jesus bottle is relatively simple. Don’t worry though, that simplicity isn’t synonymous with boredom or blandness. This flavor is a real delight and perfectly captures that fantastic, American association of peanut butter and grape jelly. The first thing that hits you is the sweetness of the premium-grade grape jelly. Next up, the salty, nutty tones of peanut butter make their entrance. These ingredients may be simple and their association is classic, but the mixers at Charlie’s Chalk Dust have done an extra special job with this product. Too many PB&J e-liquids are incapable of really recreating the essence of the flavor, but Peanut Butter and Jesus really nails it.

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charlies chalk dust peanut butter and jesus review

Peanut Butter & Jesus Overall Taste:
Quite simply, this e-liquid tastes like peanut butter and jelly. These flavors have worked together since the dawn of time and will continue to be popular for countless years to come. Any PB&J connoisseur knows that it’s important to master the perfect balance of the titular ingredients to create the very best experience. Peanut Butter and Jesus does just that. Neither flavor dominates the other. Instead, they have been blended together with a lot of care and attention to detail.

Peanut Butter & Jesus Throat Hit:
We’re looking at a 60:40 VG/PG ratio in Peanut Butter and Jesus. The 40% PG content means that this liquid has a little bit of a kick to it, which most vapers should appreciate. Meanwhile, the relatively high content of VG ensures that the experience remains smooth on the whole.

Peanut Butter & Jesus Vapor Production:
With 60% VG in the bottle, Peanut Butter and Jesus is able to create quite a big cloud of vapor, if that’s the sort of thing you like. You can also make use of different pens and coils to increase the rate of vapor production.

Peanut Butter & Jesus Product & Shipping Costs:
Peanut Butter and Jesus is available in a variety of bottle sizes. The smallest option measures up at 15ml and costs $11.95. The standard-sized 30ml bottle is priced at $21.95 and the largest option, 120ml, will cost you $64.95. It’s easy to see how you can save quite a bit of cash by buying the bigger options. $21.95 is a decent price for a regular-sized bottle and we can’t really complain about that. Most companies like Charlie’s Chalk Dust tend to stick around $22 or $23 per bottle, so this brand is in keeping with current industry trends. You get what you pay for when buying vape juices, and we’d say that a bottle of Peanut Butter and Jesus offers an excellent value experience for the asking price. Fortunately, free shipping helps to sweeten the deal. Shipping is also very fast, so your products should arrive in your mailbox within a couple of days of purchase.

Peanut Butter & Jesus Product Availability:
Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a well-run company and you won’t need to worry about its products going out of stock. This a brand you can trust and its various bottle sizes and flavors are always in stock.

Peanut Butter & Jesus Review Summary

peanut butter and jesus review summary

Charlie’s Chalk Dust has made a great little juice here. Peanut Butter and Jesus attempts to recreate that sacred union of peanut butter and jelly and succeeds tremendously. If, like so many others, you love to enjoy some PB&J from time to time then this is the ideal juice for you. We mentioned this earlier, but if you really like this particular flavor then it’s a smart idea to buy the biggest bottle you can afford. This is because you’ll actually save some cash in the long run, and honestly we can’t see anyone getting tired of this flavor, so you’ll probably want to have quite a lot of it.