best pink electronic cigarettesYou’ve began to recognize the growing trend of electronic cigarettes and are ready to give them a go for yourself but frankly you’ll be needing a pink electronic cigarette or you’ll go without.

No worries, we have you covered. We’re bringing some of the most sleek and stylish pinks e cigs to you’re attention and oh yeah, they actually work as advertised. If your in the market for that hot pink e cigarette, don’t just go with any e cig, go with a brand & device that not only looks great but functions great.

Below you’ll find our best selections of pink electronic cigarettes for your consideration. It should be noted that our pink electronic cigarette selections range in brand from Halo Cigs, Vapor Couture, Vaporfi, Direct Vapor, Vapor Hub and Premium E Cigarettes. Also noteworthy, the entire pink e cig selection below ranges in type from beginner to advanced.

Pink Electronic Cigarettes by Halo Cigs Featured Halo Pink

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Pink Electronic Cigarettes by Direct Vapor Featured Direct Vapor Pink

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Pink Electronic Cigarettes by Vaporfi Featured Vaporfi Pink

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Pink Electronic Cigarettes by Vapor Couture Featured Couture Pink

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Pink Electronic Cigarettes by Vapor Hub Featured Vapor Hub Pink

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Pink Electronic Cigarette Summary

Halo Cigs offers a number of electronic cigarettes to suite the most casual to the most hard-core of smokers/vapors. The two most popular e cigarettes they offer are the G6 and the Triton. The G6 is most like a traditional cigarette in terms of size, making it the most popular of choices as it is so similar to smoking an actual real cigarette, minus the hundreds of chemicals and actual inhalation of smoke of course. The Pink G6 features a very modern and sleek look, it is roughly the same exact size and weight as a standard cigarette as well. The Pink G6 has a look of sophistication which is fairly hard to accomplish in the development of an electronic cigarette. Somehow the designers at Halo have been able to pull it off though.

So rather than smoke some pink e cigarette that looks like it’s part of a Barbie kit, get your pink desire fulfilled with an actual quality choice in the Pink G6. The battery life of the G6 is perfect for the new vapor user as it lasts hours after each charge rather than the usual 30 minute nothingness put forward by competitors such as Blu Cigs. The flavors available for the G6 are incredibly abundant. So if your a long term smoker who wants roughly the same taste as your favorite tobacco or menthol cigarettes, Halo offers the following flavors that are perfect for you: Tribeca (Classic Tobacco), Turkish Tobacco (Classic Tobacco) & Menthol Ice (Menthol Tobacco), Sub Zero (Menthol Tobacco). For those of you are prefer a more ‘yummy’ type of vape, try Halo Cig’s Malibu & Belgian Cocoa. Truly, all of the available flavors available for the G6 from Halo Cigs are magnificent in their own ways. It’s certainly nice however to have a few absolutely phenomenal tasting flavors rather than a bazillion totally random flavors that you end up hating after just a couple of drags. Great e cigarette flavors are made in a way to be smoked over time and last throughout. They are just the right amount of sweet mixed with just the right amount of grit, giving you something you can actually work with. So while peach cobbler might sound like a cool flavor, your probably going to take about two drags before deciding that you just wasted your money on something that should not be made into an actual e cigarette flavor. Trust Halo Cigs and the flavors they offer, been there, done that.

Another aspect that you’ll run into when searching for your perfect Pink E Cigarette is durability. Again, you want a quality product that will last longer than a month before starting to malfunction. You want a quality e cig that can stand to be fumbled around in your purse and can take a drop or two as we are all guilty of dropping things from now and then. The G6 is a solid e cig that can certainly handle a tumble or two. The G6 will outlast any other ecig on the market in terms of durability and will simply not start malfunctioning as many others do only a month or two into standard use, which is quite frustrating. Yes, I know, you don’t care, you just want a ‘pink one’, but trust me, if you take the time to do a little research or have found our blog, know that you’ll save yourself headaches and time by simply going with a quality Pink E Cigarette rather than the prettiest shade of pink or the shade of pink that matches your ‘top’.

Perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of electronic cigarettes is the need to charge them. Hey, we’re all doing a good thing here, we are finding solutions in e cigarettes to get us away from harmful chemicals and tars consumed through real tobacco cigarettes, so if we have to charge something next to our cellphone everyday, it’s certainly a worthy cause. However, not all e cig chargers are created equally. In fact most chargers are made in China and completely suck. Want to charge your e cig? Good luck, most chargers either stop working after the first week or flat out only deliver a tiny charge all the time, leaving you with a constant dead battery, poor vaping experience and wishing you would have taken the time to buy a quality e cig system. Halo’s G6 has been perfected in nearly every aspect of what an electronic cigarette is, including perhaps one of the most important that is charging. When you charge your G6 is will actually be taking a charge and when it’s finished it will actually last you to enjoy your vaping experience not skipping a beat and allowing you to spend your time and brain power on more important things, like the next pair of shoes your going to buy. As you can probably tell, we are big fans of the G6 and are proud to promote it to you especially if your trying to buy the best Pink Electronic Cigarette.

The Halo Triton Pink E Cigarette Details
Now for all the lady’s out there who have fully embraced the world of electronic cigarettes and are ready for the best vaping experience no matter what. Introducing Halo’s Triton, for the avid vapor who wants the most for their time, money and vapor experience. The Triton is a bit more bulky than the G6 but it delivers a much bigger punch so it’s kind of expected. The Triton’s battery life practically doubles the that of the G6 and with the superior tank system, it lasts far longer than any cartomizer or ‘cartridge’. When you make the transition to the Triton, you are going to be amazed by how much more you’ll get from your vaping experience. The Triton works on a product known as e-liquid rather that your standard cartridges such as what the G6 uses. The bad, you’ll need to refill your Triton tank with the e-liquid flavor of your choice when your tank runs empty. The good, one refill will actually last an entire day as compared to the tiny amount of vapor that you get from standard e cigarettes that run by cartridges. It’s sort of a give and take relationship really. On one hand, with the G6 you get a very compact and small e cig that is very similar to real cigarettes and can help you to immediately stop smoking. However, the G6 as well as other standard cartridge run e cig systems typically don’t last more than 2-6 hours. While they can and do subdue your nicotine cravings, many times they leave you wishing for more. On the other hand, the Halo Triton practically doubles everything about your vapor experience. You’ll absolutely never be wishing for more as it will deliver all the nicotine and vapor that you could possibly need. However, the Triton is a tad big larger and sometimes just isn’t a practical solution to pull out anywhere and have a couple of drags. The solution in my opinion and experience is to buy them both. Both the Triton and the G6 have their own incredible unique advantages and each have a better time and place to be used.

Which Pink Electronic Cigarette is Right For You?
The best electronic cigarette solution today is to literally buy both the Triton and the G6. You don’t have to buy them at the same time, start with the G6, it is a great product and will help you to make the switch officially to e cigarettes rather than real cigarettes. However, you will certainly find out that you want more a month or two into using your standard G6 kit. When you have the urge for a more fulfilling vaping experience, purchase the Triton, you will not be disappointed. This way, when you chilling around the house or ‘whatevs’ you can smoke your e cig non-stop and not have to be constantly worrying about charging or refilling it. However, when you go out, grab your G6, the perfect compact solution to meet your nicotine cravings wherever you are at. It’s small enough to literally throw in your pocket and have it on hand whenever you want a clean vapor drag. All in all, there are a number of different Pink Electronic Cigarettes available to you, choose the best one available. Don’t get stuck with a company or product that flat out doesn’t work or doesn’t deliver vapor or battery life how it should.

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