pocono vapes review

Pocono Vapes is a family-owned e liquid company based out of Pennsylvania, and we love to support brands like this one. Why? Well, as soon as we sat down to review Pocono Vapes e liquids, we quickly saw how much love and care had gone into the creation of so many of these flavors. Pocono Vapes boasts a vast and varied menu, with a wide range of flavors in all of the big categories like tobacco, menthol and fruit. Made in small batches with premium grade ingredients, these e liquids really pack a punch from the first puff to the last. We enjoyed our time vaping Pocono Vapes e liquids and found a few new favorite flavors. If you’d like to see our all-time, top-rated e liquids, check out our list of Best E Liquids.

One of the first things we saw when reviewing Pocono Vapes e liquids is that this brand deals in simplicity. With simple branding and simple flavors, Pocono Vapes doesn’t indulge in complex recipes, but that’s not really a complaint. Experienced vapers know too well that simple flavors can often be among the best, so there’s nothing wrong with a brand like Pocono Vapes keeping its e liquids centered around one or two key ingredients. Flavors like Watermelon, Menthol, Hazelnut, and Black Cherry show off the best of what Pocono Vapes has to offer. The brand does have a few more complex recipes among its selection, but we actually think it does a better job when keeping things simple. If you love top quality e liquids like those produced by Pocono Vapes, you’ll also be interested in another of our favorite brands: Five Pawns. Check out our Five Pawns E Liquid Review to learn more.

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Pocono Vapes Review of Pros & Cons

We discovered a few big pros and a couple of cons worth mentioning while reviewing Pocono Vapes e liquids. On the plus side, this brand offers a huge selection of flavors, with dozens of options to suit every kind of vaper. The e liquids are handcrafted in small batches to guarantee awesome levels of quality, and most of the flavors are bold and enjoyable.

Now let’s talk about the cons. We couldn’t find any major flaws in this company, but its branding is a little basic. In addition, Pocono Vapes products are priced quite highly, so you might not be able to enjoy them too often if you prefer to buy cheaper e liquids or have a limited vaping budget.

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Pocono Vapes Pros

  • Plenty of variety.
  • Handcrafted, small batch e liquids.
  • Rich flavors.
Pocono Vapes Cons

  • Basic packaging.
  • High prices.
  • Paid shipping.

Pocono Vapes E Liquid Review Summary

pocono vapes review summary

We enjoyed our time reviewing Pocono Vapes e liquids. It’s always good to see family-owned operations like this one. The company got started by some vapers who just wanted to make their own e liquids and have some fun, and evolved into a leading and respected creator of top quality flavors. The people behind Pocono Vapes have a lot of experience behind them and a lot of love for the vaping industry. They know what vapers want and they try to offer the best levels of quality in every e liquid they make. Some of the more complex flavors are a little lacking, but the vast majority of Pocono Vapes’ menu is simply flawless. This brand has completely mastered the art of taking simple ingredients and bringing them out perfectly in e liquid form.

Another cool thing we noticed while reviewing the e liquids of Pocono Vapes is that this brand gives you the option to choose your own VG/PG ratio. You can go max VG for enormous vapor clouds and the richest possible flavors, or choose a 50/50 split if you prefer a solid throat hit, and we definitely recommend the 50/50 option for Pocono Vapes deeper flavors like its tobacco and menthol blends. One of our favorite e liquids from Pocono Vapes is 555, taking a base of rich, earthy tobacco and mixing it up with luxurious dark chocolate. If you prefer something sweeter, Pocono Vapes’ Vanilla Cupcake is another excellent offering, providing a true-to-life experience of biting in a freshly-baked cupcake with just the right amount of vanilla.