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Premium E Cig Coupon Savings By Vapestaff

Premium E Cigs offers tons of ways to save on all of the products and 3rd party brands. Unlike other e cig companies or websites, Premium E Cigs happens to offer not only their own line of e cigs, but they also offer a handful of premier 3rd party brands such as Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin and iJoy. Premium E Cigs, like most other e cig brands offer most of their savings during the holidays but Premium more than other companies offers tons of discounts on their existing products. Thus, for most of their discounts, you won’t need to have any unique coupon codes whatsoever. You will simply notice the original price slashed out by the new discounts price listed next to or below it. Furthermore, Premium E Cigs offers a clearance and or sale page dedicated to e cig products and systems that are slashed to their rock bottom pries. For example, at the moment, Premium is offering crazy clearance sales on their E Cigar lines. If you like cigars in any way shape or form, we urge you to head over and take a look. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the robust taste and flavor of a traditional cigar via vapor, certainly a much cleaner way to enjoy one of our favorite past times.

Premium E Cig Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes 2017

Premium E Cigs has a solid history when it comes to offering interesting deals and enticing promotions. This brand usually celebrates every big day of the year by launching an exciting new sale, and we’ll be the first to let you know as any new coupon codes arrive on the scene. What’s cool about Premium E Cigs is that they sell products from a huge number of brands, so you never know what items will see their prices cut next. This company often likes to offer a respectable discount of around 20-30% on individual items or brands, rather than doing any site-wide deals. If you like shopping with Premium E Cigs and want to save some cash on your next order, be sure to check back at this page on a regular basis.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Easter 2016:
This Easter, Premium E Cigs is inviting you to make some improvements to the look of your vaping equipment. To do so, the company is currently running a great sale that gives you 20% off the cost of any WUD mod skins or cases. The WUD range is really popular these days, letting you cover your mods with attractive skins that make them look like they’re made out of wood. These skins give your devices a more subdued and natural appearance, and they usually only cost around $25 each. With this discount you can grab some WUD skins for the low, low price of just $20. So what are you waiting for? Grab the code above and head on over to the Premium site to enjoy this great deal.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for St Patricks Day 2016:
Ready to see one of the best offers ever to come out of Premium E Cigs HQ? Well, in commemoration of St Patrick’s Day, the company has just kicked off an exciting sale on the highly-rated Joyetech eVic VT Starter Kit. Usually priced at $100, Premium E Cigs decided to knock 30% off that price and let you have this kit for only $70. We don’t expect this deal to last much longer than a day or two, so don’t hang around if you want to get yourself a great product at a super low price. This starter kit comes with the excellent eVic VT itself, an eGo ONE mega atomizer, an eVic-VT skin, a CL-Ti head, a wall adapter and a USB charger to keep the device’s powerful battery running as long as possible.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Valentines Day 2016:
Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not show how much you love to vape with a purchase of a great new mod? Premium E Cigs is currently encouraging all its customers to invest in the Lotus-branded Jellyslice Mod, by offering a 10% discount on this product for the next 24 hours only. With full temperature control, 80 watts of power and a massive 2,600 mAh battery, the Jellyslice mod is a really impressive item. It works exceptionally well and can adapt to suit any type of vaper. It also has an attractive LCD screen to keep you up to date on the temperature and also has a particular aesthetic appeal, with a smooth aluminum shell and an eye-catching jellyfish logo on the side.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for New Years 2016:
The folks behind Premium E Cigs clearly want us all to have the happiest 2016 possible as they’ve just launched an exciting new year’s sale on tanks and atomizers. Right now, for a limited time only, you can get 20% off any order of these products. The Premium E Cigs site has literally dozens of different tanks and atomizers to choose from, with some of the biggest names in the industry like Kanger, Eleaf, Tesla and Sigelei being involved in this excellent sale. You are therefore free to head on over to the official site and check out the vast range of products on offer. Prices will vary greatly, but this 20% discount could be enough to help you afford some of the very best tanks and atomizers on the market.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Christmas 2015:
Christmas is coming early for all vape lovers! Premium E Cigs has given us the gift of discounts this year, and they’ve just released another one to coincide with the festive merriment. This new coupon code gets you a 15% discount off any order of Premium E Liquids. Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from free shipping, so all-in-all, you can save quite a lot of cash with this sale. Premium’s own brand of e-liquids is available in a smart selection of 10ml bottles, with lots of great flavors currently up for sale. The flavors themselves are simple, but refined, with some of our own personal favorites including Strawberry, Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Mint and American Tobacco. Order a few bottles and benefit from this discount today.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Cyber Monday Sale 2015:
We hope you didn’t spend all of your vaping budget on Black Friday, as Cyber Monday is here, and there are some excellent new deals up-for-grabs. Right now, for one day only, you can purchase any Tesla products on Premium E Cigs official website with a 25% discount. That’s right, we’re talking about the entire range of Tesla goods, including starter kits, mods and more. One super item you might decide to add to your basked is the Tesla 80w TC Starter Kit. It usually costs just over $80 but can now be in your hands for approximately $60, saving you $20 that you could spend elsewhere. This starter kit is available in a multitude of color options and gets very good reviews from experts and amateurs alike.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Black Friday Sale 2015:
Premium E Cigs are getting in on the Black Friday action in a big way this year, slashing the prices of all bottles of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquid by 15%. That discount will soon add up if you order multiple bottles, and we can certainly recommend that you place a bulk order as Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of the hottest brands in the business right now. This fresh and funky company has been whipping up some incredible recipes that are sure to keep you coming back for more. Having tested the entire range, we have to highlight a couple of the most delicious bottles. First up, there’s the Trueberry Strawberry and Knife flavor, offering a shocking fusion of pineapple cake covered with a blackberry maple glaze. You’ll also love Peanut Butter and Jesus, with its classic PB&J partnership.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Thanksgiving 2015:
Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where people all around the nation simply relax and indulge their senses. This year, why not add to the occasion by ordering some delicious e-liquids at a fraction of their usual price? Premium E Cigs have just launched a new deal and we’re ready to let you in on the coupon code. This code grants you 15% off any order of Beard Vape Co vape juice. Interestingly enough, Bear Vape Co gives its flavors numbers rather than names. You’ll have to check out the whole menu to find your favorites, but we really like #88, with its delicious blend of chocolate chip cookie and a refreshing splash of mint. It’s a great bottle, but there are plenty more to discover, so copy the coupon code above and get shopping!

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Halloween 2015:
Premium E Cigs has just dropped a great new coupon code on us. Keeping in line with this special day of Halloween, where kids and grown-ups alike are able to enjoy sweet treats guilt-free, Premium E Cigs has decided to cut the price of all Mad Hatter e-liquid. Mad Hatter is the brand behind such delights as I Love Cookies and I Love Donuts. Both of these products are absolutely incredible and will more satisfy any sweet tooth you may have. Presented in gorgeously-designed boxes and bottles, both I Love Cookies and I Love Donuts offer authentic experiences that really will remind you of chowing down on some baked treats, straight from the oven. This is the perfect time to give these juices a try, so stop hesitating and place your order now.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Fathers Day 2015:
Maybe your dad smokes a lot and really should switch to vaping for the sake of his life. Maybe he’s a long time vaper in need of some new material. Either way, you can give him a special surprise this Father’s Day with the purchase of a high quality Kangertech Nebox Starter Kit, currently offered with a 15% discount at Premium E Cigs. Kanger is one of the most admired and respected names in the world of vaping, consistently rolling out goods of incredible quality. The Nebox is available in four colors and its starter kit usually costs $70, so you’ll be saving more than $10 with this coupon code. It’s a great device, with 60w of power, full temperature control, and all of the other things you’d expect.

Premium E Cigs Coupon for Mothers Day 2015:
Mother’s Day isn’t normally the time of year you’d associate with super sales, but Premium E Cigs has just surprised us all by announcing an incredible 40% price cut on the limited edition IJOY Etop-A TC Mod. This mod normally costs $80 and is now only $48! That’s a massive discount and you really shouldn’t miss out on this excellent offer. The Etop-A works flawlessly and really looks the part. It’s an elegant device that is sure to turn a few heads. The Etop-A kit comes with the mod itself, a Faa-Tank G atomizer, a powerful battery, a charger, and the user’s manual to help you get up-and-running with ease. It’s rare for us to find deals like this, so we recommend that you act fast before the item sells out or the coupon expires.

Premium E Cig Coupon Instructions

premium e cig coupon instructionsUsing our Premium E Cig Coupon has never been easier. Simply scroll to the top of this page and click on the ‘Get Coupon Code’ button next to the Premium E Cig Coupon Code offer that you’d like to take advantage of. You’ll notice that a new tab will open up in your browser with the Premium E Cig Website. Now, you’ll just need to check back on our website at vapestaff to view your now revealed Premium E Cig Coupon. Notice however that usually Premium E Cig Discounts are automatically added to your new window. We’ll let you know if this is the case by simply showing you ‘AUTO’ in the coupon code reveal section of the button. When Premium E Cigs do actually offer new codes, we’ll be the first to let you know exactly what they are.

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