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Premium E Liquid is the personal creation of Premium Electronic Cigarettes, who primarily focus on offering innovative vaping systems themselves but dabble in the e liquid market as well. Premium actually made a name for itself for creating some really top quality e-cigarette cartridges. As time went by, fans of the company started pleading with them to convert those same great flavors into a line of e-liquid products. Well, Premium listened and we are now able to enjoy these delicious savors in vape juice form. The name of the company is a good indication of the quality of these products. Premium has really produced some excellent juices here. The flavors are incredibly faithful to their original inspirations, and there really is something for everyone on this brand’s menu. If you are a fan of traditional tobacco, grab a bottle of ‘American Tobacco’. If you happen to have a particular affection for fruity flavors, we can easily recommend the ‘Very Berry’ bottle. Menthol fans and people with a bit of a sweet tooth can equally find products to suit their palates in this collection. Premium definitely earns a few points with us for managing to create a line of products that can appeal to such a wide audience. No customer should have to feel that they aren’t wanted, so it’s nice that this line of juices is so well fleshed-out.

The flavors themselves might seem simple on the outside, but an enormous amount of work and refinement has evidently gone into the production of every single bottle. The recipes may only contain one or two core ingredients, but you can tell straight away that these juices are something special. The flavors are deep and aromatic, while the e-liquids themselves are actually made up from a 55:45 PG:VG combination. The slightly higher amount of PG gives these products a nice, solid throat hit that will keep you coming back for more. Former smokers will surely appreciate this blend, but people who have never smoked can equally enjoy the sensation offered by these bottles. The 45% VG helps to keep the flavors strong and produce some fine clouds of vapor with each puff. Premium also offers all of the services and bonuses that you would hope to find while shopping online. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee with each and every purchase, along with free shipping options and a friendly customer support helpline. The bottles themselves are nicely decorated, with their own little boxes and some really appetizing images on the labels. You can buy Premium e-juices in 15ml portions for just $7.99, which is a very affordable price tag.

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Premium E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

premium e cigarette e liquid reviews

Clearly, those cheap prices are one of the biggest pros of this company, but there’s a lot more to talk about than that. These bottles wouldn’t even necessarily exist if Premium wasn’t willing to listen to its customers and respond to their needs, and that’s something we really admire. People wanted Premium to convert their famous cartridges to juices, so the company did just that. It’s always good to see a business that is prepared to engage with its users and make improvements for them. What’s more, the company did a brilliant job of converting those cartridges. These flavors won’t win any awards for creativity, but they could certainly collect a few trophies for tastiness.

The free shipping, nicely-designed website and money-back guarantee help to sweeten the overall deal and make Premium a brand we can recommend. At the same time, if we had to find a couple of cons for this company, we could mention the fact that the menu, while varied, might not be experimental enough for some. You won’t find any truly crazy flavors here, but that’s completely subjective. Also, the fact that these bottles are only available in small sizes might frustrate people who like to buy their juice in bulk, but you can get past that problem very easily by ordering a lot of bottles at once.

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Premium E Liquid Pros

  • Solid range of flavors to appeal to every type of user
  • Shipping is free
  • Attractive bottle designs
  • Very low prices
  • Rich tastes
  • Satisfying throat hit
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Premium E Liquid Cons

  • There are just over a dozen flavors on the Premium menu, but the options available might be a little simple for some people. If you like to test out the craziest concoctions, this isn’t necessarily the brand for you.
  • We’d really like a few more bottle size options.

Premium E Liquid Review Summary

premium e cigarette e liquid review summary

Premium is a company that does things right. The staff decided to listen to their fans and make this great-tasting line of liquids for everyone to enjoy. They then went a step further by making some aesthetically appealing bottles, along with offering free shipping and other little bonuses. The flavors on sale truly fall into the ‘premium’ category, and this brand should really be one of your go-to sources for all-day vapes.

A lot of Premium customers talk about how great the company’s flavors are and we can absolutely understand why. The recipes have been refined with care to recreate a bunch of great sensations that can all be used as all-day vapes. The extra bit of PG really works nicely to give you that solid throat hit, without sacrificing any of the flavor. There’s a really nice set of blends on offer with Premium and we honestly like every single one of them.

That said, a couple of flavors really stand out. One example is Premium’s ‘Vanilla Custard’ bottle. This liquid blends together a scrumptious assortment of creamy and sweet tones that really provide a treat for your tastebuds. It’s a great all-day vape and never gets boring. Another option that will particularly please former smokers is the ‘Premium Tobacco’ bottle. With complex notes of earthy aromas and just the right amount of sweetness, this juice faithfully recreates the tastes and savors you’d get from some of the finest quality cigarettes.