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A new year is upon us. Millions upon millions of people will set a goal to quit smoking this year. How many people will reach their goal? The sad truth is only about 5% of all people will change their typical smoking habits this year. Why? Why is it so hard to stop smoking? We are creatures of habit, we like to eat, sleep, bath, love, drive, write, talk & smoke in certain ways every single day & changing those habits are hard. Why? We don’t like change. As smokers, we know that no matter how hectic the world gets around us or how much stress we’ll be hit with in any moment we’re about an hour away from a single cigarette that will relax our mind for at least 5 minutes and recharge our mojo.

quit smoking in 2014Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know this already, ‘tell me something new’. I digress: Smoking electronic cigarettes is not for everyone. For example, the army vet who’s been smoking non-filtered for the past 50 years is not necessary our target, however we certainly encourage everyone who will read us to at least give Halo Cigs a shot. If you are however leaning towards being done with analog cigarettes or are in the mind-set of making a change in your smoking life in 2014, our goal is to speak to you and lead you in the right direction. If your tired of the smell of analog cigarettes, having roughly no cardiovascular fitness / endurance or are just tired of the person over your shoulder saying, ‘seriously, you’re still smoking those things’? We hear you loud and clear, we were you and we are here for you.

The Halo Cigs Process to Quit Smoking

Step One: Decide.
When you are ready to make the decision to stop smoking analog cigarettes, you will know. Take advantage of it. When you have the power or ambition running through the back of your mind that’s pleading with you to stop, listen to it. Don’t worry about past failures regarding quitting smoking, it’s all about, ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Smoke your last pack of throw away your lighter and remaining half pack. Decide to quit.

Step Two: Purchase.
Let’s face it, your going to want a cigarette 30 minutes after you make the decision to quit. It’s okay, this is our physical and mental addictions crying out. This time however instead of satisfying this craving with another analog square, get your behind in the car and go purchase a temporary electronic cigarette at your local gas station or super-market.

Step Three: Bear Changing.
Your temporary cigarette is going to last a day or less so get ready for the next week by buying a quality product in Halo Cigs to satisfy your addiction to nicotine. You will be ridding yourself of thousands of chemical addictions over the next 1-2 weeks, coughing up paper & chems alike. Love every second of it and bear it, it’s worth it.

Step Four: Never Look Back.
When you get past the 2 weeks of coughing up 10 years of bad decisions, you’ll be free and clear. Start experimenting with vapor flavors and you’ll probably even notice that as your nicotine levels begin to be normalized and minimized, that you need less and less & could even quit everything about smoking if you’d like to. For the rest of us, we’ll most likely be puffing away on our Halo Cigs.


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