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Real Flavors is a unique company, offering a wide range of concentrates and flavorings to e liquid companies or prospective creators. This is an experienced company with a history of success, having worked with countless companies all around the world, both in the e liquid industry and elsewhere, for example in the world of food and beverages. In short, the people behind Real Flavors know exactly what they’re doing and are one of the most trusted names to turn to if you’re in need of concentrates or flavorings. While reviewing Real Flavors, it was easy for us to see that this company is highly professional and has a lot to offer to both established e liquid companies as well as those just starting out. If you’re interested in learning more about awesome e liquids, be sure to read through our list of Best E Liquids.

We’ve been following the e liquid industry for years now and see so many new companies starting up on a regular basis. It’s an exciting, evolving world and there are plenty of entrepreneurs looking to break into the business but not knowing quite where to start. That’s where Real Flavors comes into play. The vast majority of e liquid creators rely on third-party flavorings and concentrates to develop their juices, and Real Flavors is one of the most trusted and respected companies when it comes to providing those concentrates. This brand offers flavorings in countless categories, covering fruit, alcohol, dessert, floral, menthol, candy, and many more flavors, helping you craft winning combinations of ingredients for your e liquids. If your brand aspires to match up with the best, Real Flavors can definitely lend you a helping hand. With Real Flavors concentrates, your e liquid could hope to someday rival great companies like Five Pawns, and you can learn more about them in our Five Pawns E Liquid Review.

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Real Flavors Review of Pros & Cons

While reviewing Real Flavors, we identified plenty of positive reasons why you’d want to shop with this company, along with a couple of minor cons. Starting with the latter, Real Flavors does sometimes sell out of its popular concentrates, and the prices can be pretty high. It’s also a shame the brand doesn’t stock any tobacco flavors.

On the positive side, Real Flavors boasts of an enormous range of great-tasting flavors. The brand uses eco-friendly production techniques, which are increasingly important in the modern age, and is staffed by professional, hard-working people who understand the e liquid industry and can provide you with the products and advice you need.

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Real Flavors Pros

  • Huge selection.
  • Natural-tasting flavors.
  • Eco-friendly production.
  • Experienced and professional staff.
Real Flavors Cons

  • Doesn’t offer PG base.

Real Flavors E Liquid Review Summary

real flavors review summary

We’ve seen so many e liquid success stories over the years. Many people are surprised to learn that plenty of the biggest brands got started in small spaces. Often, premium e liquid creators start out with small teams, mixing up flavorings and concentrates and experimenting with different ideas to launch their brands. This is where Real Flavors comes into play. This company gives you the tools you need to create, develop, and produce e liquid on a big scale. If you want to be making large quantities of e liquid for commercial use, Real Flavors is the only choice for you. With a huge range of concentrates in almost every flavor you can imagine, Real Flavors can help to give your brand a big boost.

What we really liked about Real Flavors while reviewing this brand wasn’t just the company’s vast catalog, it was also their dedication to quality. Real Flavors focuses on producing the most delicious flavors possible, guaranteeing top levels of quality with natural-tasting and healthy flavorings. To top it off, Real Flavors also uses eco-friendly processing techniques to be as kind to the environment as possible. When you’re buying important products like flavorings, you need to know you’re dealing with a company you can trust. With years of experience and countless success stories behind them, the people at Real Flavors are the best at what they do, making this the ideal company to choose for all your concentrates.