smoke and dagger e liquid review

Smoke and Dagger E Liquid is one of the hottest new brands in the vaping industry. The Smoke and Dagger brand is quickly attracting plenty of positive acclaim from experts and amateurs alike. This company is based in the great state of California and was founded with the goal of offering the most creative and high quality juices around. With such a lot of competition in the industry nowadays, every new company has to do something special in order to stand out and succeed. Fortunately, the folks at Smoke and Dagger know exactly what they’re doing. This company puts a huge emphasis on creativity in order to offer some truly unique vaping experiences. The brand’s sense of style is also unique, with its name being a mixture of two famous phrases: “smoke and mirrors” and “cloak and dagger”. These words conjure up images of intrigue and the unknown, setting the scene for some very special e-liquids. The Smoke and Dagger team clearly have a keen eye for detail, with every single bottle being beautiful produced, complete with a wax seal on the label along with the signature of the brand’s founder, F.L. Morris. These little touches help to add an extra layer of class and elegance to the company as a whole.

Despite only bursting onto the scene in 2015, the company is already able to boast of three mind-blowing, handcrafted flavors, with more incredible tastes surely set to arrive in the future. This brand works exclusively with 50/50 VG:PG ratios, helping to guarantee that each bottle provides solid throat hits and satisfying amounts of vapor production, as well as preserving the richness of every flavor. And these flavors really do deserve to be preserved. The Smoke and Dagger team uses only the highest quality ingredients, with massive amounts of research and development going into the production of every single flavor. We really love to see companies like this one; it’s always exciting to watch a team of passionate experts put so much love and time into the creation of their products. All of that love and passion really comes through when you taste each flavor for the first time, with every individual ingredient working together with the others in a harmony that is exceptionally rare in the vaping world.

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Smoke and Dagger Review of Pros & Cons

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With a slick sense of style, a smart online presence and three stunning flavors, Smoke and Dagger surely has a bright future ahead of it. What we really love about this company is its attention to detail. Every aspect of the creation process of these bottles has been painstakingly perfected over a period of several months. The team makes use of only the finest ingredients, testing out recipe after recipe in order to create the ultimate blends that will make each customer as happy as possible. Put simply, we like it when companies show how much they care, and Smoke and Dagger clearly cares a whole lot.

It’s incredibly hard to find any sort of criticism to level against this company. We could say that the prices might be considered too high for some, as Smoke and Dagger currently charges $24 per 30ml bottle, but this is simply a reflection of industry standards. This brand makes handcrafted, premium vape juice and charges the same price as many of its rivals. We could also mention the fact that the menu is quite limited for now, with only three flavors on offer, but that can also be seen as a positive as it shows that this company won’t just sell dozens of low quality flavors in order to make a name for itself.

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Smoke and Dagger Pros

  • Three incredible flavors that simply need to be experienced
  • Super website
  • Unique and attractive style
  • Beautiful bottles
  • Only the finest ingredients
  • Tons of time and preparation in the creation of each flavor
  • Made in the USA
Smoke and Dagger Cons

  • Only a few flavors to choose from for now, but this really isn’t a proper criticism as the current selection is incredibly impressive and will surely expand in the future.

Smoke and Dagger E Liquid Review Summary

smoke and dagger e liquid review summary

Smoke and Dagger is one of the new kids on the block and looks set to have a big impact on the vaping industry. This premium brand has an admirable focus on ideas and principles that everyone can appreciate like creativity, hard work and attention to detail. Brands like this one help to show why vaping is such a wonderful and varied alternative to traditional smoking, and we have to thank the Smoke and Dagger team for putting so much effort into their work. The company’s current range of flavors is exceptionally good and we can wholeheartedly recommend this brand to anyone.

Smoke and Dagger has to be one of the most exciting brands to enter the industry in recent times, and we’re really looking forward to following this company’s progress in the weeks and months to come. The brand has immediately captured our attention by producing some of the best bottles money can buy right now, so we can’t wait to see what it does in the future. We’ve mentioned this point several times, but the importance of the team’s hard work really should not go understated. It’s always so pleasing to see a vaping company that, instead of simply throwing a few ingredients together and barely even testing the final product, actually goes to the trouble of revising and formulating and perfecting their recipes. That sort of determination deserves recognition and we can only hope that more brands start following in the footsteps of Smoke and Dagger.

The three flavors currently on offer present their own intriguing mixtures of flavors. While other bottles from other brands can clearly be defined or labelled with their own categories, it’s hard to really pin these tastes down. Let’s take an example to illustrate our point. The Nobleman contains the following four ingredients: tobacco, strawberry, custard and vanilla. Instead of simply focusing on a tobacco-based sensation or a fruity concoction, the team tried to blend those worlds together and succeeded tremendously. Each ingredient has its part to play in the overall experience, with the tang of the strawberry offering the ideal counter to the soft creaminess of the custard. Like the other items on the Smoke and Dagger menu, The Nobleman is a perfectly delicious all-day vape contender.