smoke and dagger the nobleman reviewThe Nobleman is a phenomenal e liquid flavor by Smoke and Dagger, it might have even broken our top 3 favorites. We really like the ways in which Smoke and Dagger’s development team goes about making new flavors. Instead of going with the flow and making the same old bottles as everyone else, this company tries to think outside of the box and create flavor sensations that are entirely unique and widely accessible.

We’ve looked at how the brand managed to make a mint-based flavor that anyone can love in the form of Da’Minta, and now we’re going to be investigating The Nobleman – a tobacco-inspired bottle that also comes with hints of fruit and dessert influences to provide a special experience that few other bottles are able to match. The idea for this bottle was born in the minds of Smoke and Dagger’s expert mixers who wanted to create a tobacco-based bottle that former smokers were bound to appreciate, while also adding new touches and flourishes to smooth that flavor out and make it even more appealing than ever before.

When testing Smoke and Dagger’s The Nobleman flavor, we used our V2 Pro Series 7, which we consider to be one of the best e cigs on the market today. Read our V2 Pro Series 7 Review to learn the in’s and out’s of one of our favorite vaping devices. Additionally, be sure to utilize our V2 Cigs Coupon Code if you decide to buy the ‘S7’ for yourself.

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Smoke & Dagger The Nobleman Flavor Profile

smoke and dagger the nobleman flavor profile

Smoke and Dagger The Nobleman Overall Taste:
So what goes into The Nobleman’s overall taste? The ingredients list is comprised of tobacco, custard, strawberries and vanilla, and the flavor produced by those elements is so smooth and nicely-rounded that it really needs to be experienced to be believed. The rich, earthy tobacco notes hit you first, reminding former smokers of their favorite cigarettes. Next, the surprising tang of strawberry arrives on stage, with the custard and vanilla blending together in a creamy, silky smooth finish.

Smoke and Dagger The Nobleman Throat Hit:
If you’re looking for a tobacco-based e-liquid, you want to be sure that it’ll give you a great throat hit, reminiscent of genuine tobacco and cigarettes. Luckily, The Nobleman lives up to that promise and does more than enough to satisfy in that department. At the same time, the hit isn’t too strong to ruin the flavor; it’s very well balanced.

Smoke and Dagger The Nobleman Vapor Production:
As well as a solid throat hit, The Nobleman is also strong enough to produce big, thick clouds of vapor with every puff thanks to its 50% VG content. This high amount of VG ensures lots of vapor, while also maintaining the intensity of the overall flavor.

Smoke and Dagger The Nobleman Product & Shipping Costs:
At the time of writing, a 30ml bottle of The Nobleman can be on its way to your door for just $24. That price is, of course, higher than budget brands, but isn’t quite as expensive as some of the more premium bottles out there. $24 is an industry standard price for this sort of quality, with many handcrafted e-liquids being priced similarly nowadays. We think it’s a perfectly fair price, with the quality of the ingredients and the deliciousness of the final flavor being more than enough to justify every cent. It’s also wise to note that 30ml bottles of vape juice can be made to last for quite a while. If you can’t afford to use The Nobleman as an all-day vape, you can still have it as a treat for the evenings. In addition, you’ll also benefit from free shipping all over America if you order directly with Smoke and Dagger. Even international customers can enjoy free shipping on large orders, so that helps everyone save a few extra bucks.

Smoke and Dagger The Nobleman Product Availability:
In all of our time shopping with Smoke and Dagger, we’ve never had to worry about products like The Nobleman going out of stock. This is a well-trusted brand that only sells a few different bottles, so you shouldn’t ever be seeing any “Out of Stock” notices appearing on their official website. Orders are processed quickly and delivery is always very fast.

Smoke and Dagger The Nobleman Review Summary

smoke and dagger the nobleman review summary

We didn’t think it was possible to be so impressed with one company, but Smoke and Dagger just keep on blowing us away with their flavors. The Nobleman is a true marvel. The team has taken a time-tested classic ingredient in the form of tobacco and rounded it out with touches of fruit and custard to create a savor that everyone can fall in love with.