Halo Cigs nor any reputable electronic cigarette company would knowingly sell electronic cigarettes to minors. Halo Cigs takes this responsibility very seriously and is pushing for federal regulation at the highest levels to help control the sale of electronic cigarettes as a whole industry. The thing is, electronic cigarettes are a relatively new, thus it hasn’t been until recently that the market itself has blown up with consumers eager to get their hands on the more healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes. As with any new product that is quickly expanding in popularity, there will be many hurdles to jump over and hoops to jump through until the population reaches a plateau of acceptability. One thing that cannot be accepted however is the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Are electronic cigarettes a great alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes? Yes. Are electronic cigarettes at the very least less unhealthy than traditional tobacco cigarettes? Yes. Are electronic cigarettes complete safe for any age user? No. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine has many side effects and is well known to cause cancer. Nicotine itself however is not federally regulated, this is the problem that electronic cigarette regulation is running into. Currently, tobacco itself is regulated which means that minors cannot purchase tobacco products. However, there is no tobacco inside of electronic cigarettes, thus they are unregulated under current laws. The answer in our opinion is to start regulating nicotine itself. We all know nicotine is harmful and there is no reason a minor should be able to purchase it. As of now, it’s up to each state government and the electronic cigarette companies themselves to do their best at regulating the sale of electronic cigarettes. This is of course until washington can actually get something pushed through that would prohibit the sale of ecigs to minors.


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