suicide bunny e liquid review

Suicide Bunny E Liquid is an increasingly popular premium brand, with an ever-expanding menu of remarkable flavors. The first thing we noticed when reviewing Suicide Bunny e liquids is this brand’s outrageous sense of style. In fact, Suicide Bunny might just be one of the most stylish brands we’ve ever seen. Each bottle is decorated with beautiful and striking imagery of gorgeous women in powerful poses, and the folks behind the Suicide Bunny brand have clearly put a huge amount of time and effort into creating an eye-catching and memorable image for themselves. This brand is all about creamy, custardy, sugary, fruity delights, and Suicide Bunny has some very memorable flavors that you simply won’t be able to find anywhere else. While vaping this brand’s products, we were reminded of another brand we love: Five Pawns. You can read more about them in our Five Pawns E Liquid Review.

Making use of the very finest ingredients and some striking flavors to match its awesome aesthetic, Suicide Bunny is an exciting and vibrant brand and we’re thrilled to recommend them to our readers. The brand began with a relatively small lineup of original flavors but has expanded and grown over time. Now, Suicide Bunny boasts of a surprisingly broad and varied menu, with various lineups of flavors up for sale, all bearing the brand’s signature style and rich ingredients. The bottle that really helped to put Suicide Bunny on the map was Mother’s Milk. This was the first e liquid produced by Pip Gresham, Suicide Bunny’s creator, and has inspired countless copycats, but none of them have managed to match the quality of the original product. Mother’s Milk is one of our favorite e liquid flavors, and you can read through our list of all-time greats in our Best E Liquids article.

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Suicide Bunny E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

When we started drafting up a list of pros and cons for this Suicide Bunny review, we quickly saw that there were plenty more pros than cons. This brand has a lot of positive aspects, including its fantastic packaging, rich flavors, top quality ingredients and broad menu. In short, if you’re looking for premium e liquids, Suicide Bunny is a top place to shop.

There are a few cons worth pointing out though. For starters, like many premium brands, Suicide Bunny comes along with some pretty high price tags. It also doesn’t run too many sales or deals, so the costs can quickly rise when shopping with this brand. In addition, the menu is centered around sweet flavors, so there’s not much here for tobacco or menthol lovers.

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Suicide Bunny E Liquid Pros

  • Awesome packaging.
  • Rich flavors.
  • Very high quality e liquids.
  • Extensive menu.
Suicide Bunny E Liquid Cons

  • Premium prices.
  • Lack of discounts.
  • Only sweet flavors.

Suicide Bunny E Liquid Review Summary

suicide bunny e liquid review summary

Despite the high prices and lack of tobacco flavors, we can’t help loving Suicide Bunny. all begins with the e liquid, which is produced in certified labs under strict quality control standards. Well-sourced ingredients are combined together by highly experienced mixers into some truly outstanding recipes, which are left to brew and age to bring out the full power of each ingredient. Beyond that, Suicide Bunny has taken the time to develop some beautiful branding and packaging for its products, as well as expanding its menu over time with new additions. This is how premium e liquid brands should function, and Suicide Bunny is setting a super example.

Available with many different nicotine strengths, Suicide Bunny e liquids each have their own unique flavor patters to offer. We tried a lot of them while reviewing this brand and it was hard for us to choose a few favorites as we loved them all so much. One of the e liquids that did stand out was Mother’s Milk, which we’ve spoken about earlier in this Suicide Bunny review. Wanderlust is another winner, offering a unique expression of soft vanilla cake with a sweet glaze. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, Fight Your Fate brings together ripe strawberries and lemons in a refreshing fruit blast.